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After a season abroad, Letícia Ledger appears in a tie during the São Paulo Fashion Week runway

The fashionista and digital content creator drew attention with an iconic Looney Tunes character tie as part of her ensemble

Photos Courtesy Press Letícia Ledger

Always bringing international influences, the fashionista and digital content creator caught attention by wearing an outfit featuring a tie with Looney Tunes characters during the fashion week.

After spending a season abroad, the fashionista returned with various international influences, including "funny ties," a recent trend where ties take center stage and capture all the attention in the look.

In the last fashion week season, the it girl had already caught attention with an outfit inspired by Karl Lagerfeld – the renowned designer who led the Chanel, Fendi, and Karl Lagerfeld brands. The influencer was dressed in Chanel from head to toe, sporting the famous tie worn by the designer, along with sunglasses and a tweed vest.

Last fashion week season, Letícia Ledger in the outfit inspired by Karl Lagerfeld.

While the tie may be typical of the male wardrobe, the female version is gaining more and more prominence. With the entire outfit valued at over $10,200, the fashionista broke some societal paradigms.


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