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Agustin fernandez visited Dr. Renata Orna, celebrity doctor like rapper Lil Nas X

Agustin fernandez visited Dr. Renata Orna Nolasco, the doctor to celebrities like rapper Lil Nas X and owner of the ReViva Wellness Center clinic during her latest visit to Orlando, Florida.

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The businessman and influencer intends to undergo a body sculpting procedure, the same used by Kim Kadarshian, in February. With an eye on the international market and with his beauty line at full steam in Miami, the most followed influencer and makeup artist in Brazil has a 2023 full of international trips ahead of him.

Dr. Renata Orna Nolasco with Lil Nas X - Disclosure

"I started this international endeavor in 2018 when I brought my products to Florida. I'm sure that this coming year, both my products and my image will have an incredible expansion in the American territory. beauty, self-esteem and motivation inspired by everything I've seen, experienced and overcome during my journey. I'm sure I can make a difference in the lives of many people with this tour" said Agustin.


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