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Alessandra Batista: The Successful Partnership in Dubai


Photographer: Leon Cipriano: @leonciprianophoto

New collection by @alessandrabatistaa and @mikkesalvatore for @trussprofessionalme @truss @trussprofessional

GOLDEN SAND - Inspiration for the Middle East

Design Director Cover: @mathlopes

Influencer Alessandra Batista is making her mark in Dubai with a successful international campaign alongside Mike Salvatore for the renowned brand Truss Hair. This unique journey, sponsored by Truss Hair and PH7 Beauty, combines elegance, sophistication, and excellence in a stunning setting in the heart of the Middle East.

In Dubai, Alessandra had a clear goal: to highlight Truss Hair's excellent products in a series of strategic events. With PH7 Beauty as a partner, Alessandra had the opportunity not only to showcase these products but also to share her knowledge of beauty and wellness with local professionals.

Alongside Mike Salvatore, Alessandra visited a variety of beauty salons in Dubai, establishing authentic connections and strengthening ties with the local beauty community. These moments not only enriched Alessandra's experience but also opened doors for future collaborations and partnerships.

One of the highlights of Alessandra's journey was her participation in the thrilling Golden Sand campaign, celebrating the opening of the PH7 academy in Jumeira. This campaign not only promoted the academy but also solidified Truss Hair's presence as a leading brand in Dubai's beauty scene.

With her commitment to excellence and passion for beauty, Alessandra has left an indelible mark in Dubai. Her journey is a testament not only to her influence as a digital personality but also to her ability to establish successful partnerships and positively impact communities worldwide.

As Alessandra returns to Brazil, she brings with her not only unforgettable memories of her adventure in Dubai but also a unique opportunity for brands looking to associate with a renowned international influencer. Alessandra's story in Dubai is just the beginning of an exciting journey filled with possibilities for brands seeking to reach new heights of success and global visibility.


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