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Amaro launches collection and brings a new proposal for “The color of the year”

Amaro launches its new collection today, bringing a creative proposal that aims to remind all of us that we can go further, choosing more than one color to accompany us throughout the year. With a campaign motto that says: “The color of the year is whatever you want”, the launch exercises creative freedom and inspires the use and variation of colors for everyday life, going beyond the basic black of everyday life.

Amaro publicity photos

The collection includes casual and festive wear, and contains a wide range of vibrant and neon colors such as lime and pink to encourage the possibilities of its consumers, which can range from monochrome to color block. classic shapes and tailoring will be presented, as well as prints and sequins. In addition, the new collection is in line with global trends, bringing pieces in magenta, considered the color of the year by Pantone.

Amaro publicity photos

For women who want to take advantage of colors in their looks, but don't know how, Amaro teamed up with fashion producer Bia Perotti to give tips on how to wear colorful clothes on a daily basis, escaping the obvious and creating striking looks with pieces from new collection.

Amaro publicity photos

The pieces are already available on the Amaro app and website and can also be found in the Guide Shops, the brand's physical spaces. Check the addresses of the Guide Shops in Link. To find out more about the collection, follow AMARO on their social media @amaro and on their website.


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