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Ana Andrade: Exploring the World


Photos: JoyChemonte - @joychemontephoto
Fashion Director Hooks: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks
Marketing Director and Designer: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

In this special edition of Hooks Magazine, we delve into the life of travel influencer Ana Andrade, who has enchanted her followers with her adventures around the world. With a burning passion for exploring different cultures and sharing her experiences on social media, Ana has become an inspirational figure in the realm of tourism.

Invited to grace our cover with the theme "TRIPS," Ana Andrade presents us with an exclusive interview where she reveals the secrets of her travels and takes us on a journey to the most exotic destinations she has ever visited.

Among the many stops on her traveler's itinerary, one country stands out as the most exotic destination Ana has had the pleasure of experiencing: Sri Lanka. She tells us about her immersion in the local culture, exploring Buddhist temples, bathing elephants, and visiting plantations where the world's finest teas are exported. With a breathtaking view of the sunrise from great heights, Ana embarked on a nocturnal hike to Adam's Peak, resulting in an unforgettable memory.

Throughout the interview, Ana shares her perspective on the importance of diving into the cultural aspects of the countries she visits. Museums and historical centers are mandatory stops on her journey, allowing her to perceive the connections between different nations and be captivated by the wealth of stories and curiosities that each place has to offer. Ana believes that every trip brings about personal transformation, an opportunity for growth and expanding horizons.

Check out the exclusive interview now:

1. What is the most exotic travel destination you have ever visited and why?

Sri Lanka
It was a country that I was able to fully explore in one month. An admirable culture and an affordable place to travel. I did the night hike to Adam's Peak to witness the most beautiful sunrise above the clouds from a high point. At the peak of the mountain, there was a temple. I visited Buddhist temples, bathed elephants, and explored plantations where the world's finest teas, imported globally, are grown. The luxurious hotels were reasonably priced. Overall, it was the best experience. It's definitely worth traveling for hours to visit this country.

2. What cultural aspects of a country do you find most interesting to explore during your travels?

I enjoy visiting museums and historical centers. It shows me that the world is interconnected. From the 52 countries I've visited, I notice some similarities, and I am fascinated by the countless stories and curiosities each country has to offer. "There is no journey that doesn't change you in some way!"

3. What are your top three favorite countries and why?

- England - London
I lived there for a few years and improved my language skills while living there. I have fond memories of this country, despite the not-so-great weather.
- Mexico
It has a culture very similar to ours. It boasts paradisiacal places, and the people are incredibly kind.
- France - Bordeaux
It's my favorite place to enjoy wines and eat foie gras. There are several castles to visit, and the food is exceptional.

4. What are your tips for making the most of a trip and immersing oneself in the local culture?

My first tip is to plan your trip considering the weather. It's crucial so that you can enjoy it without carrying an umbrella...hahaha. Second tip: download travel apps as there are several that offer the best prices. Third tip: organize in advance the places you want to visit. After the pandemic, some places have visitor limitations and restrictions.

5. Is there a place that you dream of visiting but haven't had the chance yet? If so, where is it and what attracts you to that destination?

The Northern Lights. We are like hunters of the Aurora because it all depends on the weather conditions. I tried to see them in Iceland in 2019 but was unsuccessful. In 2023, I went to Norway and Sweden, but still didn't see them. Each time, I went in January. This year, I want to try a different month. I am currently planning whether to go to Canada or Finland to expand my collection of countries.

6. What are your most memorable memories from a place you recently visited?

I was on a spiritual retreat in the Sacred Valley in Peru, and it was the best experience of my life. I have a strong affinity for praying, and the archangel I feel most connected to is Archangel Michael, who is associated with the blue flame. Many of my photos showed symbols in the color blue. I feel like God's favorite daughter. I have experienced many miracles in my life, and today I am grateful for all of them!

7. How do you think that traveling and exploring different places can enrich our understanding of the world and different cultures?

It depends on how each person views life and interprets the signs. For me, traveling has opened my mind to connect more with God/the universe. There is a world out there to be explored, and it belongs to all of us. There are places that even mankind cannot explain how they were created, and it is these mystical places that captivate my attention.
"Living is amazing."


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