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Animale dives into the French Riviera to create its Summer 24 collection

The brand showcases the perfect union between artistic perceptions and the expressive lightness of the French seaside summer.

Photos: Josefina Bietti

Styling: Renata Correia

Promotion Animale / Press Index

With a special focus on femininity and its forms, Animale has brought together the freedom of artistic expression with the beauty of the French Riviera to breathe life into its Summer 24 collection with elegance and freshness. Guided by the lightness, multiplicity, and sensations of the art world, the collection presents pieces full of personality with fluid silhouettes, sequins, and tailoring. In addition to noble fabrics such as silk and leather, which are introduced in a proposal to be worn even in the summer. The collection translates a special perspective on femininity and its forms, bringing it into the lifestyle of the Animale woman, who is always immersed in a cosmopolitan context.

The prints represent the convergence between a passion for visual arts and the sophistication that the seaside resort provides. The color palette is also marked by the lightness of summer, reminiscent of the moment when the sun touches the sea, and is highlighted by shades of yellow, blue, and green.

Drawing inspiration from multiple art forms such as painting, photography, ceramics, illustration, and collage, the brand invited artists Alexandre Furcolin, Duda Moraes, Eduardo Sancinetti, Fernanda Pompermayer, Marcelo Macedo, and Nathalie Edenburg to collaborate and have their art transformed into prints for the collection.

To illustrate the campaign, the brand embarked on a journey with a heavyweight team to the paradisiacal Cote D'Azur. Under the lens of photographer Josefina Bietti and with styling by Renata Correia, international supermodels Chantal Monaghan, Madison Headrick, and Sanna Backstorm embody the most anticipated collection of the year. The collection is now available in Animale stores and on their website.



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