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Anne Hathaway Channels Britney Spears at CFDA Fashion Awards

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On Monday night, the worlds of fashion and entertainment converged at the CFDA Fashion Awards, one of New York City's most prestigious events. Among the celebrities who graced the occasion, one of them not only stood out for her presence but also for her bold and nostalgic look: Anne Hathaway.

The versatile actress, known for her range in the world of cinema, surprised everyone with an ensemble that paid homage to none other than Britney Spears, recalling the famous denim outfit worn by the singer at the 2001 American Music Awards when she was accompanied by Justin Timberlake.

Anne Hathaway at CFDA 2023 — Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images.

Anne Hathaway's attire featured an all-ripped denim ensemble, consisting of a low-waisted long skirt and a stunning corset from the Ralph Lauren brand. What made this choice even more intriguing is that the corset was part of the brand's Summer 2024 collection, showcasing the actress's commitment to the latest fashion trends.

But the similarities to Britney Spears' iconic look didn't end there. Anne Hathaway also went all out with the accessories, using a silver bag, a heavy necklace, and a multi-looped bracelet, invoking memories of the time when Britney Spears was a shining star on the music scene.

Anne Hathaway's choice for the CFDA Fashion Awards displayed her daring and respect for pop culture, as she paid a unique tribute to one of the most iconic artists in the music industry. By seamlessly blending past and present in fashion, the actress left an indelible mark on the gala night, once again proving her versatility and creativity.


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