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Ariella Moura - on the cover of Model edition and exclusive interview


Model: Ariella - @ariellamoura
Photos: Thom. - @thomfoxx
Beauty: William Lopes - @willozill
Creative Direction: Jean Gutti - @jeangutti
Agency: Ford Models - @fordmodelsbrasil Team Hooks
Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks @directorhooks
Creative Director and design: Matheus Lopes @mathlopes Writer: Núbia Dias @diasnubia

Ariella Moura is a renowned model from the Ford agency. She is originally from Belo Horizonte, MG and is affectionately called Ari. Even when she was young, she says she already understood herself as a woman and knew that her essence was never masculine. The 24-year-old from Minas Gerais has already collected several achievements. In 2019, she was crowned Miss Trans Brasil and took second place in Miss International Queen. In addition to her stunning beauty, she is very friendly, dedicated and authentic.

The young woman now has a new goal: to compete in Miss Universe Minas Gerais and win that title as well. She acknowledges that, having participated in many beauty pageants, she has gained a high profile. The competition will bring together the beauty of many women, but she makes it clear that she promises to do her best, just as she has been doing up until now.

The beauty also aspires to represent Brazil in the world's largest trans beauty pageant. She recognizes and values this opportunity and intends to bring knowledge to many people, undoing some of the prejudices imposed by society. Being in Miss Universe is of great value to Ari. She hopes to represent other trans women in the best possible way.

The model spoke with Hooks and we had the opportunity to learn a little more about this powerful woman. Come with us and be enchanted!

1 - Ariella, as a model, do you think your gender identity influences your career? Could you tell us about some challenges and opportunities you have experienced?

"Not currently. Fortunately, the fashion industry is evolving more quickly than other niches, but it hasn't always been this way. There are still many clients who don't want to associate me with their brand, but I think they are the ones who lose out. I try to focus on those who believe in me and want to see me shine. I want partnerships that make me feel good and that want the best for me."

2 - You have participated in many beauty pageants, right? In 2019, you were crowned Miss Trans Brazil. How was that experience?

"It was incredible! Many people devalue beauty pageants and only see the glamour of the stage, but being a beauty queen goes beyond physical appearance. The pageants taught me a lot about leadership, persistence, and discipline. It was a valuable experience."

3 - You are a very admired woman. Could you leave a message for people who are still discovering themselves and facing difficulties related to gender identity and/or sexual orientation?

"It's a challenge! Unfortunately, society still condemns us, devalues us, and makes us invisible, but we have to stay strong and focused because the only opinion that should matter is our own."

4 - You inspire many followers. How do you feel knowing your relevance?

"I love knowing that several girls look up to me! I confess it is a great responsibility, but I love knowing that I am part of my followers' lives, even without knowing them personally. It is gratifying to know that I have a positive impact on their lives."

5 - Ariella, on your Instagram, you share your moments, your travels, and have visited many countries. Have the trips you have taken contributed in any way to your life? How so?

"Definitely! I believe that knowledge has no boundaries, and by meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, we tend to evolve, and in doing so, we break down many limiting beliefs that we unfortunately learn from childhood. Traveling allows us to live new experiences, learn more about ourselves and the world."

6 - Last but not least, if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"Persist in your dreams! Nothing is impossible for those who are persistent. It takes a lot of willpower to pursue our dreams and goals. If something goes wrong, learn from your mistakes, go out there and do it again, but don't give up."


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