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Bárbara Abrantes: The Balance between Body and Mind

Model: Bárbara Abrantes - @barbarabrantess

Photographer: Aleksandar Pasaric - @apasaric

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Editor-in-chief: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

Hooks Magazine is pleased to introduce Bárbara Abrantes, the photographic model and fitness influencer who shines on the cover of our October "Fitness" edition. With an aura of energy and vitality, Bárbara embodies the balance between health, beauty, and well-being.

Bárbara Abrantes, a true inspiration to many, has shared with us the secrets of her healthy lifestyle that help her maintain her physical shape and energy during long days of work as a photographic model. "Nutrition and discipline," she reveals to us. "Nutrition makes all the difference; our body reflects what we eat, so I try to maintain that balance."

A balanced diet is just one part of Bárbara's secret. She also dedicates herself to maintaining a regular exercise routine, prioritizing weight training at least four times a week and alternating with aerobic activities such as boxing and spinning. This commitment to physical activity is a fundamental part of her journey to maintain a healthy and toned body.

Bárbara Abrantes is more than just a photographic model and fitness influencer; she is an example of how a healthy lifestyle can be the key to success, beauty, and well-being.

Check out an exclusive interview with the model:

1. What are the secrets of your healthy lifestyle that help you maintain your physical shape and energy during long days of work as a photographic model?

Nutrition and discipline. Nutrition makes all the difference; our body reflects what we eat, so I try to maintain that balance.

2. How do you balance your diet to ensure you are getting all the necessary nutrients for your health and well-being, especially considering the physical demands of your profession?

It's a challenge, but I have nutritional guidance and I follow my meal plan as much as possible. Of course, sometimes I allow myself to eat something outside the plan, but 90% of my diet is very clean!

3. What are your favorite physical exercises to keep your body in shape? Do you follow a specific exercise routine, or do you like to vary your physical activities?

I prioritize weight training at least four times a week, and I also like to mix in aerobic exercises like boxing and spinning.

4. In addition to regular exercise, how do you take care of your mental and emotional health to maintain a healthy balance between body and mind?

As soon as I wake up, I have a mandatory routine of meditating and saying my daily prayers. I believe that this connection with God makes me strong, secure, confident, and light to start the day.

5. In the midst of a busy lifestyle, what are your tips for getting a good night's sleep? How does proper sleep contribute to your appearance and vitality?

Since I'm a night owl, I try to avoid caffeine and pre-workout supplements so that I can sleep at a time that allows me to fulfill my commitments.

6. Do you have a self-care routine that you consider essential for your health and beauty? Can you share some tips or practices that you think are especially beneficial for photographic models and others who want to maintain a healthy appearance?

My self-care routine includes skincare and sunscreen, which we should use daily. I use customized creams as recommended by my dermatologist to keep my skin flawless. Additionally, I take vitamins, and my favorite, despite being cliché, is Bepantol, which I apply every night before bedtime.


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