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Back on Band channel's screen with a program focused on aesthetics, Duda Rodrigues launches her own cosmetic line with 24k gold

Photos: Luiz Mendes

Duda Rodrigues, a renowned presenter, entrepreneur, biomedical aesthetician, and marketing specialist in the healthcare industry, has just launched her exclusive beauty line titled "24 K Gold." Duda began her television career with the segment "Health Minute and You" on TV Record Vale do Paraíba before transitioning to Record News. Her professional journey includes stints at various networks such as Rede TV, Rede Brasil de Televisão, TV Caras, TV Band Vale, and Band Nacional.

Beyond her television career, Duda Rodrigues is the CEO of a prestigious consulting and marketing agency in São Paulo, where she manages the careers of physicians, dentists, and healthcare specialists. Currently, she also works as a Biomedical Aesthetician and continues to expand her business activities in the healthcare consulting and marketing sector. Her expertise extends to lectures on Management and Entrepreneurship for Dentists, Secretary Training, and Management Consulting for Medical and Dental Clinics.

Innovation in Beauty with the Haguihara Method

The "24 Karat Gold" line follows the Haguihara method and includes a series of innovative products: 24k Gold Facial Mousse, 24k Gold Facial Scrub Cream, Thermal Water with Vitamin C and 24k Gold, Vitamin C with 24k Gold Leaves, 24k Gold Facial Serum for Dry Skin, and 24k Gold Mattifying Facial Serum.

Duda's product line features high-quality ingredients and advanced technology, providing effective facial harmonization by promoting cellular renewal, deep hydration, and a natural glow to the skin. "Facial harmonization, increasingly popular, not only improves aesthetics but also contributes to the patient's self-esteem and well-being," comments Duda Rodrigues.

Commitment to Excellence and International Knowledge

In her relentless pursuit of new techniques and knowledge, Duda Rodrigues has undertaken various international courses, including specializations in Boston, Miami, and the prestigious Harvard University. This dedication to continuous learning and innovation is reflected in the quality and effectiveness of her products.

With the launch of the "24 Karat Gold" line, Duda Rodrigues reaffirms her commitment to excellence and innovation in the beauty sector, offering products that not only care for the skin but also provide a luxurious and transformative experience.


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