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Beatriz Bomfim, the young woman who, at only 17 years old, has been earning respect and admiration




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Beatriz Bomfim Wiltemburg has a promising career even at the young age of 17. The young woman is a model, entrepreneur, businesswoman, career advisor for other models, and influencer, meaning that her resume is already impressive despite her age. She exudes beauty, charisma, professionalism, and a great deal of discipline. She was born in Guarulhos, São Paulo.

Beatriz Bomfim is a girl-woman who is increasingly standing out, whether it's because of her beauty, professionalism despite her young age, good communication skills, or entrepreneurial vision. The young woman is gifted with a lot of responsibility and professionalism. It is evident that, even at just 17 years old, she has a lot to teach many adults. For her, coming of age is not synonymous with responsibility, and she proves it in practice.

Be inspired by young Beatriz Bomfim, who is already an inspiration to many women.

1 - Beatriz, how did your interest in fashion start? Did you always aspire to a career as a model?

"Yes, I always wanted to be a model. Since my childhood, my favorite pastimes involved walking down the runway and selecting clothes and accessories to dress up in. Currently, I work in the fashion industry as a model and entrepreneur, as well as working as a model agency manager in my own agency, 'B Digital Agency.' My experience and dedication have allowed me to work in this field. Today, I offer career mentoring, instruct on how to enter the market, and provide tips related to the fashion industry. Helping other women motivates me even more, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge. It's not because I'm young that I can't add value to other people's lives.
I did my first modeling job at the age of 7, accompanied by my parents. Since they always worked, many times it was my babysitter who took me to model castings. However, it became unfeasible for her to take me to castings because I needed to be accompanied by a legal guardian. So, due to my parents' busy schedules, who could not dedicate themselves exclusively to my work, my career was put on hold. Since childhood, I made my own jewelry to sell. In other words, I always wanted to have my own money and seek my independence. Around the age of 14 or 15, with more responsibility and maturity, I returned to work as a model. I have always been fascinated by the glamour and glitz of the modeling career, the shine of photography, makeup, posing, having beautifully styled hair. It has always been a dream, and today it is a reality."

2 - About being an entrepreneur, did you ever imagine you would identify so much with it?

"When I started, I had no idea how far I could go, I had a limited vision, but over time, with work and experience, my mind expanded, and then the idea of having my own business emerged, and of course, motivating and helping people who have the dream of being a model become a reality in a more affordable way, because when I started, I had very high material costs, and I only managed to do it with a lot of effort from my parents. At the time, my book cost around R$ 5,000.00, and I know that this amount becomes unfeasible for many girls. So, through my agency, 'B Digital Agency,' I can give people the opportunity for much less and, of course, ensure that they will get a return on their investment."

3 - How was it to start a business on your own? Tell us a bit about your story.

"Starting a business on my own was not easy, but it's rewarding! You have the chance to follow every process, every step, and if you 'fall', you have to remember that you are responsible for picking yourself back up. Solo entrepreneurship doesn't allow for procrastination, because if you don't do it, there's no one else to do it for you. This has given me a lot of emotional and professional responsibility! I always try to solve problems with positive attitudes."

4 - Was there any situation that was the turning point for you to decide to become an entrepreneur?

"I've always seen my parents working hard to do their best for me. So, from my experiences, I wanted to have the commitment to help other models achieve their dreams. The goal of my agency is to make dreams accessible. I am aware that I have been able to take advantage of the difficulties in my journey to become a woman who, even at a young age, already has achievements and responsibilities. Being an entrepreneur has also allowed me to improve my family's quality of life, and that makes me very happy and motivates me even more."

5 - "You are a very young woman, do you think that people are hesitant about your professionalism because of your age? Have you experienced prejudice because of it?

"I'm 17 years old, but I feel like I already have much more age at work. I've had adult responsibilities since I was young. My dedication and responsibility have allowed me to reach where I am today. The journey was not easy, but I don't regret anything. I now have a team that supports me, but I still make sure to be the first to make decisions on certain matters, such as meeting and negotiating with clients. I get very involved in my work, I love being part of every process. I have heard comments like 'You're old enough to be my granddaughter' or 'Why are you working at such a young age?', but I let my results speak for themselves. I know that many people think that a person's ability has to do only with the age they present, which is a big mistake."

6 - How would you describe yourself in a few words?

"I am a bold, ambitious, authentic, and very determined girl-woman in everything I set out to do. I am proud of my journey and I will never stop striving to be my best version."

7 - Have you ever thought about giving up?

"Not giving up, but I have had moments of discouragement, which I believe happens to many people. Because my work is quite exhausting, and not just physically, but also mentally, there have been times when I have felt very tired. But I know that everything is a cycle, just as there are days of rain and sun, there are also days of full vigor and very tiring days, but I do not allow myself to give up, only to rest. Just because one day did not go as expected, it doesn't mean we should give up on our purpose."

8 - Last question, but not least important: if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"I really like two phrases that make total sense to me: 'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve' and 'If you can think it, you can achieve it'."


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