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Brenno Faustino: Digital Influencer, artist, communicator, AR designer, and entrepreneur

The young man is one of the biggest digital influencers in the Zona da Mata region of Minas Gerais (Brazil).

Brenno Faustino

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Brenno de Souza Faustino, commonly known as Brenno Faustino or simply Brenno (born December 9, 1996, in Astolfo Dutra), is a digital influencer, former professional swimmer, and augmented reality developer. He works on advertising campaigns for beauty and fashion companies across the country and creates augmented reality filters using platforms like Meta Spark Studio and Snapchat Lens Studio.

He graduated in Law from Faculdades Integradas Vianna Júnior, in Juiz de Fora - Minas Gerais, in December 2020. Despite his academic background, he does not practice law.

After leaving swimming competitions behind, Brenno Faustino started his career as an influencer around 2015 through the Snapchat app, where he gained popularity and fame. In July 2016, he decided to focus on Instagram and transitioned his Snapchat audience to the platform, aiming to become popular there as well.

Brenno Faustino

In June 2021, influencer Brenno Faustino began his career in television, participating in important moments on the TV ALTEROSA news, an affiliate of SBT. He was responsible for recording special actions for companies seeking TV exposure.

Brenno Faustino started studying augmented reality towards the end of his law degree in 2020. Leveraging basic notions of influencer marketing and his content focused on facial beauty, Brenno chose augmented reality as his secondary profession.

Through it, he can create realistic scenarios, real makeup, and even augmented reality pieces. He gained international prominence when his filters were shared by Demi Lovato, Ludmila, Bianca Andrade, Lucas Lucco, Caio Castro, Virginia Fonseca, Gabily, Hariany Almeida, Carol Peixinho, and Anitta.

One of Brenno's effects that achieved great national and international success was the 'perfect skin', which reached the mark of 10 billion users and could provide everyone with beautiful, flawless skin in a realistic way.


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