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Cantão presents: Place in the Sun

Inspired by the diversity of Brazilian culture, the carioca brand unveils its 2023 Summer collection

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It's been more than 50 years tracing an authentic story, building the female universe in a unique and unprecedented way. This summer, Cantão embarked on an inspiring journey through the Route of Miracles, on the north coast of Alagoas, to translate into unique pieces all the calm of this place that emanates from nature in the form of poetry, and which has the title: Place in the Sun . In this collection we find beauty in the simplicity of each element that this land provides us.

Regarding the collection's inspiration, Lanza Mazza, Cantão Style Director explains: “We were inspired by a very special imaginary place where peace and harmony reign among its inhabitants. A place with rich, exuberant nature and full of unique and wonderful species. In it, people live in balance with the environment in a real sense of community. Each citizen is born with a special gift that contributes significantly to a rich and constantly changing culture, they value simple and quality things, promoting food for the mind, body and soul”.

A story that is told by the delicacy and fluidity of a complete collection, with fresh and varied shapes. “The shapes prioritize comfort. Dresses, jumpsuits, skirts...simple shapes that enhance the body with a slight retro touch”, adds Lanza Mazza. The prints and palette trace a true declaration of love for colors, accents, flavors and, of course, the originality of a culture that is ours, so rich and inspiring.

“Outdoor living, simplicity and well-being are part of Cantão's DNA and were a great inspiration for this collection. We seek references in the relaxing beach landscapes, in the colors of the sunset and in our fauna. Another strong source of inspiration was Brazilian craftsmanship, which is extremely rich in stories, colors and textures”, explains Camille Shiratori, Print Designer Cantão.

Composing the Lugar Ao Sol collection, two important stories stand out: “Ilha do Ferro” and “Ateliê Cantão”. The first brings handicrafts not only as inspiration, but as a protagonist in some pieces:

“The pieces from ''Ilha do Ferro'' bring desired items, inspired by the craftsmanship of the island's artisans. by the hands of artisans from Ilha do Ferro", explains Lanza Mazza, Cantão's Style Director. "Ateliê Cantão" brings a selection of pieces that have gained a new meaning: "This line features unique pieces, in limited numbers, composed of fabrics from left over from past collections and with a rich composition in a mix of materials”, adds Lanza.

A collection that exudes optimism, connection with nature and Brazilianness in pieces that translate, like a refreshing dip, the beauties and stories of the Northeast. “The region of São Miguel dos Milagres brought a very precise aesthetic of art and photography to this campaign, as if this woman were a contemporary Gabriela who rediscovers herself with the blue of the sky and the waters. It's a collection and a campaign that will dazzle your eyes,” says Tatiana Giglio, the brand's Communication and Branding coordinator.

Cantão's new summer collection, Place in the Sun, is already available in Cantão stores and on the Cantão website.


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