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CEO of Blue Health, Izaias Pertelly, shares 5 crucial tips for entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneur Izaias Pertelly, CEO of Blue Health, shared valuable tips for those who aspire to venture into the business world. From the importance of market research to adapting to cultural diversities, his guidance promises to steer those ready to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

1. Be curious and research constantly: Izaias Pertelly emphasizes the importance of deeply understanding the target market, identifying its pains and weaknesses. For him, continuous market research is essential to effectively guide business strategies.

2. Let go of personal preferences: The CEO of Blue Health highlights the need to view the business objectively, relying on metrics and data rather than personal preferences. He encourages entrepreneurs to adopt a scientific approach to ensure the success of their ventures.

3. Build a strong network of contacts: Izaias Pertelly emphasizes the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships, as they can provide valuable insights and even open doors to business opportunities.

4. Know tax and legal regulations: The CEO of Blue Health warns about the specificities of tax and legal regulations in each country and business model. He highlights the importance of being aware of these issues to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

5. Adapt your marketing strategies to cultural diversity: Izaias Pertelly emphasizes the importance of adapting marketing strategies to reflect the cultural diversity of the country. He encourages entrepreneurs to stay updated with current affairs and to find ways to incorporate them into their marketing strategies to efficiently and economically reach a new audience.


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