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Chloé: a fragrance L'Eau de Parfum Lumineuse

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Chloé has always celebrated natural femininity, free from the standards and ideals imposed by society. Since the launch of her first collections, Gabi Aghion, the founder of the Maison, envisioned a liberating wardrobe of pieces, each one flowing naturally with the body's movements to emphasize the silhouette without distorting it. By doing so, she paved the way for a unique fashion brand where sophistication meets authenticity.

Following this distinctive style, Chloé fragrances express a vibrant and sincere femininity. Each is formulated as a dialogue with nature, forming an unbreakable bond between the Maison and the realm of flowers.

Today, faithful to its philosophy of embodying responsible luxury with a spirit of elegance and sensitivity, Chloé introduces a new fragrance to join its Signature line: L’Eau de Parfum Lumineuse. Within this creation, the emblematic rose of the collection shines with unprecedented splendor.


Chloé L’Eau de Parfum Lumineuse is inspired by the image of a freshly picked rose bathed in sunlight.

"I wanted to reinterpret Chloé's iconic signature rose, guiding it into new territories," explains perfumer Ane Ayo. "The idea was to create a wonderfully warm and delicate rose, highlighting a more sensual facet of Chloé femininity without ever compromising elegance."

The rose is expressed here in all its richness and complexity, blending with the velvety accents of Sambac jasmine to form a solar, almost sensual bouquet. Just as a stitch highlights the contours of a haute couture creation, vanilla enhances the floral heart of this fragrance, while its balsamic and amber tones give the composition a delightfully generous, addictive, and feminine roundness.

Like the other fragrances in the line, Chloé L’Eau de Parfum Lumineuse is formulated with naturally sourced essence, alcohol*, and water. Nothing more.


Chloé is known for a specific detail: the stitching, present in a variety of iconic garments and accessories from the Mony line. For the first time, the bottle of L’Eau de Parfum Lumineuse echoes this Maison trademark, with a delicate pink thread tracing the beige ribbon tied around the bottle's neck, effortlessly evoking the brilliance of this new fragrance.

The bottle of L’Eau de Parfum Lumineuse contains 25% recycled glass, while the ribbon is made of 100% recycled polyester.


A dedicated campaign has been created to mark the launch of L’Eau de Parfum Lumineuse.

Lucy Boynton, the British-American actress and face of the Chloé Signature line, traverses a landscape that conveys her deep connection with nature. The black-and-white sequence is punctuated by close-ups of roses, gradually gaining vibrant colors and coming to life. As they move, their petals seem to breathe, embodying the very heartbeat of nature itself.

The spirit of the film evolves into a colorful portrait of luminous femininity.

Chloé L'Eau de Parfum Lumineuse is available at major International perfumeries.


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