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The most iconic summer of all time is approaching!

In this season, Colcci has delved into its own essence to introduce novelties that convey the freshness and beauty of a special moment: Colcci's monogram receives an exclusive print, and supermodel Gisele Bündchen continues as the protagonist of the hottest season of the year.


The new collection is a reflection of the optimism that sunny days awaken in the brand's routine, bringing a bright color palette, more natural textures, and shapes full of movement. Denim secures its prominent place in an innovative project that will enhance the looks of the season with the coolest and most versatile piece in the wardrobe. And to end the year in a surprising way, a selection of unique fabrics and powerful pieces to celebrate all styles of parties.


Summer is a perfect invitation to experience new stories and sensations. The Iconic Summer 24 collection embraces the energy of the season and offers outfits for the happiest moments of an unforgettable season.



Photos: Fernando Thomaz

Beauty: Henrique Martins

Styling: Pedro Sales

Film: Bruno Igloti


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