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Débora Vitti: Conquering the World with Elegance - The Story in London


Model: Débora Vitti - @deboraavitti

Photos: Manoel Max - @manoelmaxfoto

Make: Gabriel Mendes - @mendesmakeupp

Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

We are pleased to introduce our special guest for the 'LONDON' edition, the stunning Débora Vitti. As a versatile model who has shone on runways and in beauty pageants, she embodies the perfect fusion of international style and Brazilian charisma.

Born in Sobradinho, Brasília (Brazil), Débora embarked on an extraordinary journey that took her from São Paulo to London, with stops in destinations such as Bertioga, and finally Alphaville, where she currently resides. Her life story is marked by an unwavering pursuit of challenges and opportunities for personal growth.

A graduate of the renowned Istituto Marangoni in London, Débora Vitti has brought international sophistication to the Brazilian fashion scene, making her a prominent and influential figure. Her mastery of three languages – Portuguese, English, and Spanish – has connected her with a global audience and placed her at the forefront of the fashion industry worldwide.

However, what truly sets Débora Vitti apart is her determination to promote diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. She passionately believes that representation is essential, and her commitment to this cause makes her an inspiration to all. With her experience in beauty pageants and her participation in the TOP 4 MISS SÃO PAULO MUNDO 2023, she emphasizes the importance of self-esteem and self-love, especially among young women.

Débora also shares her insights into the fashion industry, highlighting the differences between Brazil and London. Her experiences abroad have led her to recognize the need for greater diversity in body types and facial features in the fashion world.

Check out an exclusive interview with the model:

1. How was the transition from living in Brazil to studying fashion in London? What were the biggest challenges you faced in this process?

It was like a rollercoaster, you know? Most of the time, I couldn't catch my breath and feel at home. But I like that, the challenge, the new, the fear. I kind of have a competition with myself, and every time a challenge comes, I prove myself better for myself.

2. You mentioned that you are trilingual. Besides Portuguese, what are the other two languages you speak fluently? How has learning different languages influenced your career in the fashion industry?

English, the language I've spoken more than my native language in the past year, and fluently Spanish, which I have practiced less. I can't even count how many opportunities speaking more than one language has provided me. It connected me with people, which, in turn, connected me with incredible jobs and opportunities.

3. Being elected MISS ALPHAVILLE 2023 and making it to the TOP 4 MISS SÃO PAULO MUNDO 2023 are incredible achievements. How have these experiences shaped your perspective on beauty and representation in the fashion industry?

Being a Miss has taught me many things, such as the importance of determination, clear communication, and good posture. BUT, above all, being a Miss has made me believe in myself. For a long time, I heard that I wasn't beautiful. So today, being able to represent cities/states as one of the most beautiful women fills me with emotion. It's not just about the superficial; it's because within every woman, there's still a little girl... yearning for self-esteem and self-love. Only in the past year did I realize how wonderful self-love can be. It has improved all areas of my life, and it inspires me to motivate many girls to embark on this journey.

4. How do you see the role of models in promoting diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry? And how do you believe your trilingual experience contributes to this discussion?

It's so important that we have a stronger promotion of diversity. I had curly hair until I was 16, and I rarely saw models with voluminous and curly hair. I know that representation makes a difference in feeling beautiful, especially as a child. Today, we are increasingly seeing more realistic dolls and cartoons with more inclusion, and I have been greatly impressed by this journey happening in the media.

5. Being a model who has worked on campaigns both in Brazil and abroad, what are the main differences you observe in the fashion industry between these two scenarios? Is there something you prefer in one of them?

I notice that Brazil is somewhat more advanced in terms of diversification of body types and facial features. Here in England, there is still a strong emphasis on extreme thinness, a slender face, and avoiding curves in the body. Nevertheless, I prefer the work abroad. It's not as demanding as I often felt in Brazil, where fees are minimal, and shooting periods are very long. Of course, it's not easy here, but there are more rewards. We are called to events, during shoots, you feel comfortable asking for a break, and the pound (the currency I receive for work here) has purchasing power, making it much more rewarding.

6. In addition to your career in fashion, you are also recognized for your involvement in beauty pageants. How do you think these pageants can positively impact the lives of participants and society in general?

We always have a pre-competition and during the competition, we are so immersed and focused, and this makes a significant difference and marks us forever. There are various rounds until the end of the competition, and there are always rounds of "beauty for good" where we raise funds, make deliveries to families in need, and, as there are many of us (contestants), we can make a significant impact with a large number of donations every time.


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