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Eduardo Crivelenti - The future of aesthetics, on cover and exclusive interview

Photography: @waldirevora

Executive Producer: @pablo.mua

Eduardo Crivelenti, 29, started in the world of Facial Harmonization at the age of 21, with his first degree being in Biomedicine, then he also graduated in dentistry, and with so much study and preparation he is still studying for a master's degree in Biochemistry. What is really surprising is the search for continuous knowledge, which makes Eduardo a highly sought after professional in the area.

He recalls that at the beginning of his career he attended 9 different clinics in the same period.

"Since I graduated, I've seen how much aesthetics has changed, and how much better it is today. At the beginning of my career, I worked all over São Paulo, for years I attended 9 clinics run by fellow partners."

Nothing is easy for those who want to be featured, for those who started from scratch, as he says, and today he is successful, he went from a 15m2 room to a 300 meters clinic, in addition, he opened his newest space just 2 months ago, where he will teach his courses, of course, with a much larger number of students.

"Today we have courses all over Brazil, mostly at our training center in São Paulo, which is located in Vila Mariana. Our courses are aimed at all health professionals who are regulated to work with injectables by their class councils."

He also says that the importance is in improving people's self-esteem.

"The important thing about all this is to work with something that raises self-esteem. We do good to those who carry with them aesthetic dysfunctions that bother them so much."

We had the pleasure of interviewing Eduardo exclusively, and you can follow along below.

1- Who was Eduardo Crivelenti? And who is Eduardo today?

Eduardo Crivelenti has always been a focused person, I arrived at 17 in São Paulo with goals and today I see that I managed to achieve several of these goals. Before I ran after courses and new techniques and today I run after developing techniques and mechanisms to innovate the aesthetics market.

2- What were your professional inspirations and how did you start in the area of ​​beauty?

I have always been inspired by people who have innovated the market, for example Sebastian Cotofana, Gabriela Casabona, Taiz Campbell, these are people who are on the cutting edge of aesthetics, so I always look for them as a reference and when I develop my courses I try to inspire my students in the same way that these people inspired me.

3- How is your success today? We know that you are one of the most sought after professionals in the country for harmonization, how are you dealing with this demand?

Everything is the result of a lot of struggle, I was always very focused so I set goals for myself, and I had to make several resignations to get here, although "here" is just part of the long road to where I want to get.
I studied a lot, invested in many courses and made some trips to international conferences in order to be as up-to-date as possible, to be able to develop techniques and create protocols in the aesthetics that are so successful among my patients.

4- You also act as a teacher, giving classes on facial pairing. Was working with courses and students something that was in your plans? How did this start?

It was a surprise because initially I only provided patient care, but word of mouth started to circulate and the number of patients increased so much, that inevitably other professionals and undergraduates got to know me and liked my method of approaching aesthetics, the methodology that I wear. The demand for courses started, it was all very organic, so it has been a success.

5- About your plans for the future, can you tell us any?

I have a lot of plans, I just founded the Crivelenti Institute which is an aesthetics complex where I teach my courses and attend, in addition, I have perfected my cosmetics line and many other things that I still can't talk about, but I'm sure it will shake the market, so stay tuned because there's a lot of new stuff coming!


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