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Emily Domíngos: The Expression of Fashion and Style on the Cover of Hooks Magazine "London"


Photos: Giannis Psychogyios - @giannis.psychogyios
Beauty: @agapimakeupartist
Hooks Team / Marketing and Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes
Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

The August edition of Hooks Magazine "London" Issue features an inspiring and iconic figure on the cover: Emily Domíngos, the international model who is passionate about fashion and style. In an exclusive interview, Emily shared fascinating insights about her journey and her unique approach to fashion.

With a journey spanning across continents, Emily describes her personal style as eclectic and influenced by her global experiences. From sexy to casual and elegant, she draws inspiration from her daily emotions, creating an authentic and ever-evolving approach.

Emily's wellspring of inspiration is diverse, ranging from her early encounters with fashion magazines and television programs to modern influences from Instagram and notable brands such as BALMAIN, LOUIS VUITTON, and Zimmerman. These influences have shaped her distinct vision and aided her in creating a style that is genuinely her own.

Emily firmly believes that fashion is a powerful form of personal expression. She infuses her personality into her clothing choices, hairstyle, and attitude, transforming her outfits into a visual narrative that reflects who she is.

Check out the exclusive interview with the model now:

1. How would you describe your unique personal style and how has it evolved over the years?

My style has evolved along with my life experiences and worldly exposure. I am quite eclectic in the way I dress. I enjoy transitioning from sexy to casual to elegant; it heavily depends on my daily mood.

2. What are your sources of inspiration when it comes to fashion and trends?

I've been a fan of fashion since a young age. I started by following magazines, models, and some television programs. Nowadays, what greatly aids me is Instagram and the brands I follow. I resonate a lot with certain brands like: BALMAIN, LOUIS VUITTON, Zimmerman, among many others.

3. Do you believe that fashion can be a form of personal expression? If so, how do you utilize it in your own life?

Absolutely, fashion is indeed a way to express yourself to the world. In my life, I use it in everything from the way I dress, to how I style my hair or choose a hairstyle, in the way I carry myself, and even in my attitudes.

4. What are your favorite clothing pieces or accessories that never go out of style for you?

The leather jacket is always going to be the piece that never goes out of style for me. And I love a classic: jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket; it looks good on everyone.

5. How do you balance current trends with creating a lasting and sustainable wardrobe?

I always try to stay "in the loop" about what's trending and the current fashion trends. To create a lasting wardrobe, it's important to have staple pieces and those that never go out of style. This way, you can stay current while also having timeless pieces. There's not much of a secret to maintaining a lasting wardrobe, as everything repeats itself and everything in fashion comes back in some form!

6. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to discover their own authentic style?

I think we have to try a little bit of everything to understand what looks good on us or what suits us best. This way, you gradually develop your style and the way you dress according to your appearance and what you want to convey to society.

7. What are the essential items that you believe everyone should have in their wardrobes?

As I mentioned in the previous questions, I strongly believe in having staple pieces, which in my view are leather jackets, good jeans, shirts, and boots. To me, these items are must-haves in anyone's wardrobe! Oh, and accessories – don't be afraid to embrace accessories, haha.

8. Besides fashion, what are the most important aspects of your life that influence your confidence and self-expression?

To have self-confidence, first and foremost, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you can achieve anything and build your personality from there. Life is here for you to show that you're living and not just surviving, so don't let it go unnoticed – from the way you dress to the way you approach life!


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