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Evelyn Caetano: Inspiration and Lifestyle on the Cover of Hooks Magazine


Photo/Make/Production: @pupindeleu
Look: @cortinovec
Hooks Team/ Fashion Director: Matheus Hooks/ Marketing Director: Matheus Lopes

Hooks Magazine is pleased to present Evelyn Caetano, a talented photographic model and lifestyle influencer, as the star of the July "Model" edition cover. With her magnetic presence and unique style, Evelyn captures the essence of the fashion and lifestyle world in her inspiring photos.

Evelyn defines the concept of lifestyle as a constant pursuit of authenticity, balance, and personal expression. Her career as a photographic model is a reflection of this, as she is challenged to embody different lifestyles in each shoot, adapting to the requirements and guidelines of each concept.

Behind Evelyn's stunning appearance lies a careful dedication to her lifestyle. She values the importance of a balanced diet, physical exercise, and taking care of her skin, hair, and overall well-being. This holistic approach contributes to her confidence, energy, and ability to express herself through photographs.

On the cover of Hooks Magazine, Evelyn conveys a variety of essential elements to represent the lifestyle she promotes. Authenticity, emotion, inspiration, style, and aesthetics blend together in a stunning portrait that captivates readers and invites them to explore a world of possibilities.

Check out the exclusive interview now:

1. How do you define the concept of lifestyle and how does it relate to your career as a photographic model?

As a model, I am constantly challenged to represent and embody different lifestyles, depending on the concept or campaign. I need to adapt to the requirements and guidelines of each photo shoot. I take great care of my lifestyle to maintain my appearance and health. This involves having a balanced diet, engaging in physical exercise, taking care of my skin, hair, and overall well-being. This contributes to my confidence, energy, and ability to express myself through photographs.

2. What are the key elements you seek to convey through your photos to represent the lifestyle you promote?

I strive to convey a variety of elements to represent the lifestyle I am promoting: authenticity, emotion, inspiration, style, and aesthetics. During the shoots, I work together with photographers, stylists, and production teams to ensure that the photos are aligned with what we are promoting.

3. What are the main differences between posing for a lifestyle photo shoot and posing for a traditional fashion photo shoot?

In a traditional fashion photo shoot, the main objective is to showcase the clothing and accessories in focus, without necessarily conveying a specific story or context. On the other hand, lifestyle photo shoots may involve capturing photographs in natural settings, interior spaces, cities, or any environment that reflects the promoted lifestyle.

4. How do you prepare to incorporate different lifestyles into your photos? Do you conduct research or seek inspiration from any specific sources?

I always strive for authenticity to showcase my essence and personality to the fullest. For lifestyle shoots, I prefer more natural-looking photos, while for professional portfolios, I shape my performance according to the concept of the shoot.

5. What are the biggest challenges you face when portraying a specific lifestyle in a photo shoot? And how do you overcome them?

Exotic styles can initially cause fear, so I make sure to rest my mind before professionally photographing a different performance. I visualize and seek innovation in poses. In the end, fear becomes a wonderful dopamine-filled sensation of accomplishment.

6. How does the lifestyle you promote as a photographic model influence your personal choices outside of work?

As a model, I need to preserve my appearance as much as possible. I don't make radical haircuts or change my eyebrows according to the current "fashion." The fashion industry is highly volatile, so maintaining a neutral appearance is essential. I end up giving up on several things I like in order to maintain neutrality.

7. What advice would you give to aspiring models who want to stand out in the field of lifestyle photography?

Be confident, authentic, and stay informed about the trends. Learn to work as a team and have courage.


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