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Fall in love with Kelly Bortolini. Passionate about fashion, she has been standing out on Instagram

Cover Dubai international edition

Photos: Irinaa Okuneva - @irinaa_okuneva

Production: @dashakova_style

Former Brazilian model Kelly Bortolini was and still is very successful. She reveals her love for fashion and entrepreneurship. She currently manages a network of companies. Kelly was born in Três Passos(City), in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul(BR).

The fashion universe has beauties from all over the world, but it is clear that Brazilian representatives have always attracted a lot of attention, and Kelly was no different. The gaucho exudes beauty and charisma wherever she goes. She reveals that she always liked to be always in tune with fashion, and even though she doesn't work professionally in this field, she always follows trends, news and is always motivating her colleagues who are in this niche.

In her trajectory, she says that she has already gone through several challenges, but says that being an entrepreneur in Dubai was one of the most remarkable ones.

“I am very grateful for everything in my life, overcoming challenges made me happier and more satisfied”, celebrates Kelly.

She points out that there were many remarkable events in her life, so she collects many memories that make her very happy and proud of the woman she has become.

Currently, he is traveling a lot for work to different countries. Kelly has worked and visited several places and is passionate about getting to know different cultures, tastes, cuisines, visiting tourist spots that always enchant her and reveals that she loves learning new languages and is very dedicated to it. She also comments that on her travels she is fascinated by observing how the inhabitants of each place dress and express themselves through fashion.

The visual image is capable of transmitting competence and commitment. On her Instagram @kelly.bortolini, the beauty has already gained more than 466,000 followers. On this social network, she shares her routine, hobbies, trips, tastes, her looks and much more. She is gaining more followers every day for having such good taste in dressing and for being so friendly and patient with her followers' questions.

On Instagram, her looks draw attention, and are greatly admired. For her, a visual image says a lot about a person's tastes.

“Clothes, as well as accessories, are extremely important in composing the image you want to convey of yourself at every moment”, he says.

It is already known that the influence of colors in fashion is fundamental, and through looks that are often colorful, it is even possible to express feelings. Kelly “plays” with colors in her clothes.

“There are days when I wake up very creative and I love to combine colors,” she says.

Fashionable coloring has its importance and effectiveness. Making use of colors in compositions is very important, because even feelings can be expressed through colors.


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