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Fall in love with Michelly Santos, the owner of an inspiring trajectory of great effort


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Michelly Nayara Alves dos Santos is a competent entrepreneur who is about to achieve another dream. The "Mi", as she is affectionately called, is from Minas Gerais, and she is an Aries with a strong personality, persistent, authentic, and very dedicated. Recently, she shared the news that she will be opening her first beauty salon in May of this year. The business will be located in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Paris, the "Paris 8ème".

Currently, she resides in Deauville, which is near Paris. Michelly also reveals that she was invited to work for a multinational company in London, where she lived for a while. In addition, she has done several modeling jobs and represented important brands. She is a well-traveled woman and speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

For Michelly, opportunities are everywhere, and it is up to us to identify and act on them. With all her experience, she realizes that it is very common for women entrepreneurs to be afraid of failure and being judged by others, causing many to give up on their dreams. According to her, this should not happen. Michelly asserts that women should have more self-confidence and determination, as they can overcome fears and obstacles.

Therefore, it is clear that all the achievements accomplished so far are the result of much effort and dedication. Learn more about this successful trajectory.

1- In a few words, how would you define yourself?

"I consider myself a strong, sincere, and friendly person - typical characteristics of a good Aries. I am very hardworking and do not let myself be discouraged by the challenges that life imposes."

2- Michelly, you're going to open a beauty salon in Paris, right? Tell us about this successful venture. How did you become interested in this industry? What are your expectations?

Yes, I'm going to open my salon in the second week of May, in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Paris, the "Paris 8ème". This venture is a great dream being fulfilled. The team already has the best professionals in the beauty industry and there will be a super novelty: clients will also have access to VIP services with a private driver in luxury cars. Clients who seek comfort, safety, and convenience will be able to count on this service.
Since my childhood, I have always been passionate about everything related to fashion and beauty. I always wanted to offer something different and realized that this is the moment! My expectations are the best. I already feel the sensation that all the effort dedicated to this project will be rewarded. The effort was not small, and I know it will not be in vain.

3- It's clear that you are a very determined woman and you inspire many other women. Where does so much determination come from? How do you feel knowing about your relevance?

"My family comes from a very humble background, economic issues were not very satisfactory, just like for many Brazilian families. Until I reached adulthood, I didn't even imagine that there was another 'world' beyond the one I lived in, until I started working and going to college, and I was able to meet people and places that inspired me. So, I took the initiative to ask my parents for permission to pursue my goals, and that meant leaving my parents' house. I wanted to change my reality, change my future and thus be able to provide a better life for them as well. And how do I feel about inspiring other people? I really feel honored, it's really very rewarding everything that God has allowed to happen in my life."

4- Did you always have this desire to be an entrepreneur?

"Always! I always wanted to be in control of myself, to have autonomy in my choices, to make my own decisions, and as a good Aries (as I have already mentioned), I am not pleased with following orders, I was born to lead, so being an entrepreneur is the best path. I am aware that the journey may present many obstacles, but these can be overcome."

5- Michelly, in her journey, has there been any period where she considered giving up?

"Yes, I have thought about giving up, especially in the beginning, when I was far from family and friends, meaning I was not in my comfort zone. So, I have been through some very difficult moments, but I am proud that I did not take the idea of giving up seriously. I remember the beginning of the pandemic was a very difficult phase for me, as I was far from my family and living in another country."

6- What advice would you give to women who, like you, want to succeed in business?

"The first advice is to start, even if you are afraid, start. And if it doesn't work out, keep going, make a new plan, but keep going, don't give up! We shouldn't wait for the ideal moment to act. Fear tries to paralyze us, negative thoughts may arise, but don't be discouraged! And always be a honest, committed and grateful person."

7- Did you ever imagine that you would identify so much as an entrepreneur?

“I believe that I was born with this gift, I just lacked opportunities, and I created them instead of just waiting for them. I can say that the journey was not a fairy tale, there were many setbacks, but with persistence, I will inaugurate my first beauty salon.”

8- Last question, but not least important: if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

I would put the phrase that has inspired me since I was little, which is: "Throw me to the wolves, and I'll come back leading the pack."

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