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Famous dentist Renata Horn will celebrate her daughter's 18th birthday at a glamorous party

Photos: Disclosure Press

Renowned Rio dentist Dr. Renata Horn celebrated her daughter Ana Clara Horn's long-awaited 18th birthday last Saturday, the 15th, at the prestigious Iate Clube Icarai in Niterói-RJ. The intimate party was held for 150 guests, where Ana Clara charmed everyone with the theme "The Magical World of Narnia". It was a glamorous event with themed characters and decorations. Event planner Rafael Flores prepared a true immersion into the world of Narnia for Ana Clara, family, and guests.

"This party was originally planned to happen in 2020, for Ana Clara's 15th birthday, but the pandemic caused the event to be postponed. Therefore, the celebration had a special meaning, marking a new phase in Ana Clara's life, as she enters adulthood," commented Renata Horn, the birthday girl's mother.


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