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Farfetch presents Mother's Day campaign with a focus on accessories

With the slogan 'A Farfetch gift is worth a thousand words,' the platform emphasizes the importance of expressing love through meaningful gestures

Photos Courtesy Farfetch

In a world where words often fall short in expressing the full extent of gratitude that exists in the relationships between mothers and children, FARFETCH, the leading global platform for the luxury industry, announces its Mother's Day campaign celebrating unconditional love, connection, and shared gratitude with all those who play a maternal role.

With the slogan 'A Farfetch gift is worth more than a thousand words,' the communication with a humorous tone unfolds entirely digitally, featuring a series of videos on social media and a photoshoot focusing on the brand's offerings for the occasion, to be viewed on FARFETCH's own channels starting April 11th.

Debora Capobianco, LATAM Marketing Director at FARFETCH, comments:

'The campaign 'A Farfetch gift is worth more than a thousand words' represents our endeavor to connect people with fashion in a unique and meaningful way. We want to be part of this special celebration with gifts that go beyond their material value, adding emotional significance to these items. We believe that each choice made on our platform not only celebrates style but also highlights our commitment to unique curation, reflecting our desire to offer an inspiring and aspirational fashion experience.'

This year, the campaign directs its focus to accessories that complement each mother's unique personality. The strategic choice of these items is based on data from the previous year, in which these accessories were highlighted purchases.

The platform also presents a series of content on Instagram and the website, along with a gift guide featuring the best global curation of brands and boutiques.


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