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Fashion Editorial - Hooks Global Issue - By Muraca

PHOTOS @muraca___ EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION @annaguirro PHOTO ASSISTANT MODEL @juniureal PHOTO SUPPORT @studio.ox1 FASHION EDITING @leoaugusttoo STYLIST @frabicu FASHION PRODUCTION @gvnnmt BEAUTY @fernandissimo MODEL @bretaseduarda AGENCY @imgmodels @megamodelbrasil T-Shirt - FAUVE @fauvebrand Boots - Pleaser @pleasershoes - DESIGN HOOKS MAGAZINE @directorhooks

The fashion world is in constant evolution and reinvention, and for this new editorial, the proposal is to break free from conventional standards and bring a strong and sensual woman who defies the traditional beauty stereotype. With a gothic inspiration from the 90s, the editorial brings a mix of sensuality and art, showcasing the female body as a form of expression. The model's striking gaze is the central point of this editorial, which instigates and seduces the viewer. Get ready to dive into an uncommon world of beauty, where boldness and originality are the keywords.

"My vision is to bring a strong and sensual woman who also causes an oddness, breaking away from established beauty standards. Bringing a goth 90s vibe with the sensuality of long dresses, and showcasing the female body as art. All wrapped around the model's striking gaze, which involves, instigates and seduces you," says Fabricio Rodrigues, stylist of the editorial.

Jewelry - Atelie Liza Tulli @atelielizatuli
Skirt - Lilly Sarti @lillysartibrand

Dress - GUILHERME VALENTE @guilhermevalente__
Gloves - Moun Off @moun_of

Dress - Unusual Brasil @unusualbrasil
Heels - Schutz @schutzoficial

Headpiece and bracelets - Atelier Liza Tulli @atelielizatuli
Coat and dress - Christian Dior @dior


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