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From model to entrepreneur, get to know the trajectory of the founder of NK - Nathália Kihara Brand

Nathália Kihara is a model, influencer, mother, and entrepreneur, born in Paracatu-MG. Currently, she resides in Milan, Italy. Nath, as she is affectionately called, dedicated herself a lot to her modeling career and is now a competent businesswoman.

Cover Business Edition - April 2023 Issue

Photographer: Emanuele Jeane - @emanuele_jeane_photographer
Make up e Hair: Roxana Corciu - @roxanacorciu
Production e Stylist: Vinicius Adjuto - @viniadjuto
Making of and videos: Vicye Prado - @vicyeprado

For her, regardless of the field of work, entrepreneurship is always a challenge. There are many obstacles encountered along the way, but these can and should be overcome. Nathalia emphasizes that opportunities are everywhere, and it is up to us to identify and act on them. She is aware that seeking the best result takes time and dedication, after all, excellence is the product of effort, and she doesn't hold back when it comes to persistence and professionalism.

It was through her career as a model that she became aware of the entrepreneurship niche. Today, she is the owner of NK - Nathalia Kihara Brand, an online boutique that enchants women from all over the world. In fact, the pieces can be shipped anywhere. Nath emphasizes that the pieces are designed for real, determined, and tasteful women. She confesses that she is passionate about the modeling, colors, and quality of the pieces.

This lovely woman is admired by many other women. Nathália is very determined, focused on her goals, but without losing her essence. She collects many memories that make her happy and proud of the person she has become. We had the opportunity to learn a little more about this powerful woman. Come with us!

1. Nathalia, did you always have the desire to be an entrepreneur?

"No, entrepreneurship happened in my life. First, I wanted to study fashion, and when I moved to Europe, I ended up delving into the modeling career. After a while working in this field, I met many brands, designers, and many skilled professionals, and ended up identifying with my entrepreneurial side. Gradually, I matured the idea until I reached Nathalia Kihara Brand."

2. You are an entrepreneur, model, mother, and manage your businesses, social media, and much more! How do you manage to juggle all of these roles?

"It is quite challenging to manage so many roles at the same time. It requires focus, discipline, and of course, there are people who collaborate with me. It would be impossible to do everything alone. I work with qualified professionals and that makes me very happy."

3. Did you start your business on your own? Can you tell us a bit about your journey?

"Yes, although in the process, I looked for advice from other people. I realized that the exchange of experiences and information is always valuable. The entire project was initiated and self-funded. Nathalia Kihara Brand was born from the idea of dressing real, determined, and tasteful women."

4. Did you have any situation that was a turning point for you to reach the conclusion that you would be an entrepreneur?

"Yes, at a certain point I saw that I had already achieved many things in my modeling career, won many contests, and the love for fashion made me feel the need to create something that I could express style and charm. The pandemic reorganized many things in the fashion and modeling industry. So, I took advantage of the moment and decided to start my project. I put all my love, knowledge, and determination into the creation, and then the NK - Nathalia Kihara Brand - emerged, which was, is, and continues to be an absolute sales success worldwide."

5. You are an amazing and inspiring woman. How does it feel to know that you have such relevance?

"I feel very happy and fulfilled for everything I have and am. Every day, when I wake up and before going to bed, I am grateful for each achievement. My story is that of millions of anonymous women around the world, so I think that any projection or relevance should be used for the empowerment of female strength and beauty."

6. Could you describe yourself in a few words?

"I am strong, resilient, and tenacious."

7. Facing so many responsibilities, was there ever a moment when you thought about giving up?

"We may have thought about giving up at some point in life, that's why the importance of experience, because when something doesn't go well in the process, you take a step back, analyze and correct it. Giving up is an option, but for me, what is challenging attracts me and encourages me to move forward. So, not giving up is also part of the process."

8. Last question, but not least: If you could display a message on a billboard:

"The realization of your dream is right there, behind your fear. Be strong and courageous. Gratitude is the key."


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