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Futuristic Renaissance: Fendi's Radiant Haute Couture and the Dazzling Creative Triad

Photos disclosure Fendi

In the latest couture venture by Fendi, the masterful creative triad of the house unveiled their splendor: Kim Jones orchestrating the dance of garments, Delfina commanding the symphony of jewelry, and Silvia Venturini elevating the classic Baguette bags to the realm of jewels, adorned with divinely precious materials.

On the fashion stage, the revisited vision of Karl Lagerfeld for the brand was resurrected, paying homage to his 54 years of creative influence. A palette that unfolds from darkness to purity and silver, emerging like haute couture auroras. Sculpted silhouettes, woven in geometric lines, embrace the models' bodies, especially in column dresses. A bold touch is revealed in solutions reminiscent of shibari, a dance of Japanese-style bindings.


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