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Geise: Exploring International Fashion with Elegance and Personal Style


Model: Geise - @ggeise.s

Photos: Rocky Batchelor - @rockybatchelor

Makeup: Gold Coast Makeup Artist - @sarahrachaelmakeup

Stylist: @ggeise.s

Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Geise, a passionate and talented professional, brings a unique perspective to the fashion universe. With a solid foundation in design and a multifaceted career as a model and fashion stylist, she is the face of our "FASHION" edition of Hooks Magazine in November.

Geise's academic journey began at UniDrummond, where she fully immersed herself in fashion design. The integration of theory and practice, combined with her work in a local boutique, allowed her to apply her knowledge practically, identifying her preferences and honing her skills.

Her transformative experience at the renowned Istituto Marangoni in Milan provided Geise with essential knowledge in styling and fashion production. Interaction with renowned professors culminated in the creation of a fashion editorial for a magazine.

Geise ventured into new horizons, working for two distinct brands - an outlet and a jewelry brand. She led the rebranding, produced photos, and planned social media strategies, showcasing her versatility.

The quest for growth led the designer to Australia, where she is immersed not only in improving her English but also in absorbing a new culture. This unique experience is enriching not only her language proficiency but also her artistic and professional perspective.

Exclusive Interview with Geise, as follows:

1. How was your experience studying at UniDrummond for 4 years?

My experience at UniDrummond was crucial for my development in fashion design. During this period, I had the opportunity to explore all areas of the discipline, which was enriching. The integration of theory and practice was especially relevant, as simultaneously with my academic studies, I worked in a boutique, applying the knowledge acquired directly. This practical approach allowed me to identify my preferences and enhance my skills significantly.

2. How was your experience at Istituto Marangoni in Milan?

My time at Istituto Marangoni in Milan was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. In one month, I absorbed fundamental knowledge for my passion: styling and fashion production. I had the privilege of interacting with excellent professors and completing the course, creating a fashion editorial for a magazine.

3. Can you share more about your work in 2019 at a boutique, especially your involvement in the creation process and social media management?

I joined the boutique without prior knowledge, making it a valuable experience. In a small production environment, I actively participated in all processes, from choosing fabrics to approving pilot pieces. We conducted extensive market research, studied trends, and analyzed the target audience before launching collections. The exclusive service provided personalized image consulting.

4. What was your contribution to the planning and business strategy for your sister's fitness clothing brand? What did you learn from this experience?

I contributed comprehensively to the development of the business plan, covering financial planning, sales, collections, and social media.

5. Tell us more about your role in 2021, working for two different brands. How was the content creation and Instagram management for an outlet brand and a jewelry brand?

It was a challenge to balance work with Lass Fashion Closet, but I restructured the branding for both brands and created a new positioning. I led photo production and social media planning, including Instagram and the online store.

6. How was the experience of studying English in London and taking an etiquette course at Fortnum & Mason? How have these learnings influenced your career?

Studying English in London on my own was a personal revelation. The experience at Fortnum & Mason, with the etiquette course, enhanced my understanding of proper manners and solidified my professional path. This journey showed me that my only limitation was myself.


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