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GIO Prates brings Beverly Hills party to Curitiba to celebrate daughter's 12th birthday

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On April 30th, the journalist, advertiser and public relations professional Giovanna Prates, better known as GiO (@gio.prates) to national and international celebrities, brought a new party concept directly from Beverly Hills to Curitiba. Her daughter Mariah Prates Minami celebrated her 12th birthday in great style! The hotel chosen by her was the Presidential Suite of the Grand Mercure Curitiba Rayon.

The journalist, advertising professional, and public relations specialist Giovanna Prates, better known as GiO (@gio.prates) among national and international celebrities, brought a new party concept directly from Beverly Hills to Curitiba on April 30th. Her daughter Mariah celebrated her 12th birthday in style! The hotel chosen by her was the Presidential Suite of the Grand Mercure Curitiba Rayon.

The first party of this kind was announced by Kendall Jenner (entrepreneur, TV personality, and top model, member of the Kardashian Family) in Los Angeles. The Presidential Suite of the Grand Mercure Curitiba Rayon has 101 square meters, finely decorated with a dining room that can accommodate up to 8 people, a living room with a spacious and comfortable sofa, a coffee table, large armchairs, and a chaise. It also features air conditioning, a guest bathroom, a work station, window protection, and sound insulation. The closet has robes and slippers with a coat of arms, a safe, a minibar with a variety of drinks and snacks, a Nespresso coffee maker, capsules, an electric kettle, and complimentary sachets. The bathroom features a whirlpool tub, a hairdryer, and special L'Occitane amenities. The bedroom has a king-size bed, an armchair, bedside lamps, and cable TV. An enjoyable and cozy atmosphere that appeals to everyone, of all ages. The celebration had about 18 guests, including 3 adults and the rest pre-teens from 11 to 13 years old.

"At this age, family members have no idea what to do and how to celebrate this special and significant date for us. They are in a transition phase, from child to adult, where children's events are no longer interesting and adult events are not suitable for their age," says GIO, recounting the difficulty of finding the right and appropriate celebration for her daughter.
"This celebration was undoubtedly a success! They gathered, talked, danced, and had fun in a different place, never celebrated before!"

The party's decoration featured balloons from Balony Decor, which decorated the entire suite, from the living room to the bedroom, following the color scheme chosen by the birthday girl: lavender, silver, and purple. As it was held in a luxury 5-star hotel, moons and stars were part of the composition. The cake was decorated with glitter in the theme of the party, filled with stars and a prominent moon, and had a sweet milk and white brigadeiro flavor. The sweet treats, such as Ninho with Nutella, Churros, Belgian Brigadeiro, White Brigadeiro, Paçoca, 2 Loves, and Creme Brulé, were provided by BasketGift.

The savory snacks were provided by Jerônimo Burger, who entertained the guests with crinkle-cut fries and delicious cheeseburgers with rosé sauce, mayonnaise, smash bun, selected meat, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato without agrotoxins, sourced directly from Fazenda Madero and Cozinha Central de Ponta Grossa. The support and pieces from Studio Festas brought charm and elegance to the table, along with the acrylic plaque with LED lights, superimposed on the silver curtain.

The themed favors with fresh "bem casados" (a type of Brazilian sweet) were made by JM Patisserie. For those who wish to hold a similar party and enjoy this incredible experience, here are the contacts for the hotel and its respective vendors.















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