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Giselle Leite: A Journey of Versatility and Entrepreneurship in Hooks Magazine


Direction: Mariana Poerschke - @maripoerschke

Photographer: Sue Cervelin - @suecervelinphotography

Beauty: Tauana wanzeler - @tauanawanzeler

Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

In the November "Business" edition of Hooks Magazine, we are pleased to introduce Giselle Leite, a figure whose journey is a fascinating mosaic of talent, resilience, and entrepreneurship.

A native of São Paulo, Giselle defies the expectations of a traditional family of doctors and lawyers by following her heart in the pursuit of art. Her story is marked by bold choices, from simultaneously studying law and performing arts to gracing the stages as an actress for over a decade.

The theater not only inspired her artistically but also propelled her to explore the complexity of the human mind, leading her on a journey of self-discovery.

Her remarkable academic journey includes a master's degree at the prestigious Harvard University and a stint as a guest lecturer at Boston University, where she excelled in the field of Life Coaching. The twist brought about by the pandemic may have disrupted plans, but for Giselle, it was an opportunity for reinvention. Thus, UP2U Fitness was born, a brand of leggings with high compression technology, making a mark in the fitness fashion scene.

Furthermore, Giselle stands out as an active communicator, delving into crucial topics, especially on her podcast "The Female Truth." Addressing feminism and relevant issues, she positions herself as an authentic and enlightening voice in a world of often polarized discussions.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Giselle, check it out below:

1. Giselle, your journey is incredible! How was the transition from actress to psychologist and, later, to an entrepreneur in the fitness fashion and international consulting industry?

I can't say it was easy; I was afraid of giving up on being an actress. I went through depression, but immediately sought professionals who could help me with my mental health, understanding that I wasn't in my normal state. During this time, I realized that everything I studied and worked on as an actress would only help and empower me for my new dreams and goals for success.

2. Congratulations on your success at Boston University and the creation of UP2U fitness. Could you share more about how the idea of leggings with high compression technology came about and how this project fits into your journey?

My mind never stops. I often say I have multiple personas and always like to be creating something, especially in terms of business. I'm a person with a lot of ambition. The idea came about because, in the middle of quarantine, we weren't dressing up, and I felt we needed something beautiful and comfortable. In the end, everything fits together because it requires a lot of work and creation in the way I like to live.

3. The move to the United States brought unexpected challenges. How did you deal with the upheaval caused by the pandemic, and how did it impact your professional choices?

It was a shock. I was lost for about two months, but my ambition always spoke louder; the desire to do and be always screams. With that, I studied strategies to turn things around. I always answer questions like this with a phrase that I have in my head: "While some cry, others sell handkerchiefs; which part are you?" That entered my mind and never left.

4. In addition to entrepreneurship, you are also an active communicator, addressing important topics such as feminism on your podcast. What motivated you to create "The Female Truth," and how do you hope it will impact your listeners?

I come from the theater, where I did impactful plays, such as those by Nelson Rodrigues. Studying psychology, I saw that we are heading towards a path where if one person disagrees, another thinks they are against each other. And I don't see the world that way; we can't see the world that way. Everyone has their opinion based on their experiences. I spent almost a year studying feminism and interviewed 132 women to be able to speak with authority. We can't impose anything. Everyone has their truth. That's why I created The Female Truth. I want to impact by saying that if X doesn't agree with Y, no one is against anyone, and each truth is individual. I think we shouldn't impose our experiences as truth but always inspire understanding and healing our traumas on this journey of life.

5. Your role as a bridge for people wishing to migrate or start businesses in the USA is fascinating. How do you develop personalized paths for your clients, and what is the greatest satisfaction you find in this role?

This work, I can say, is quite common here. But I thought about the differential where I connect professionals and specific places based on what the person or family already experiences, so they don't suffer so much cultural impact. And being able to see the person living well is my greatest satisfaction in a completed job.

6. Coming from a family of doctors and lawyers, how was the decision-making process in choosing such a unique trajectory, especially focused on art and entrepreneurship?

It wasn't easy at all. I don't say that my family was against it, but they were never in favor of my life as an actress either. But thanks to that, I always had an ambitious mind, always with plans B, C, and D, to start over if something didn't work out. I believe that everything works out. Success is something that God sends to say, "This is your mission," or sends no success to say, "This is not your mission." So, I always had that very clear in my journey. Today, my family understands that I am not and will not be a one-dimensional person living in a closed box. I am multiple personas with the ability to engage in various different businesses. Always thinking about tomorrow, the new, and completely thinking outside the box!


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