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Heinz teams up with Working Title on iconic ketchup drop-proof collection

The brands came together for an exclusive collab with off-white pieces in water-repellent fabric

Photo credits: Hick Duarte

Heinz presents The Unstained Collection, a clothing collection in partnership with the Working Title brand. The collection, which is a limited and exclusive edition, has ten different pieces, all in off white and developed in water-repellent, waterproof fabric, so that consumers can enjoy themselves, drop their drops on their clothes and not worry, because the piece does not stain with Heinz ketchup drops! The idea is signed by Africa, which created a simple but innovative and stylish solution for the brand.

Recognized for being the number 1 Ketchup in the world, Heinz tells the reasons that led it to go beyond the food industry and dive into the world of fashion. “Heinz is increasingly evolving towards a brand love status, going beyond its food segment and entering territories that allow us to innovate, explore new technologies and create a lifestyle desired by Heinz lovers. And this time, we ventured into the fashion world again”, comments Luana Sá, Brand Building Manager at Kraft Heinz.

The capsule collection features unisex pieces with a street feel and oversized modeling developed in t-shirts, crop tops, shorts, pants, windbreakers, overalls and sweatshirts ranging from sizes PP to XL, in addition to enhancing Heinz's visual identity.

The brand specializing in condiments joined the fashion brand from São Paulo to bring to the pieces the wide and asymmetrical design, the label's trademark, leaving its touch of red only on the labels of the collection or in a possible drop of Heinz ketchup. The result is cool, sophisticated and modern pieces that combine WT's style with the innovative DNA of the Heinz brand.

"Very happy with the final result of the collaboration, where we managed to transmit the DNA of the two brands through technology and quality, developing new fabrics exclusively for the collection", celebrates Thiago Paes, director of Working Title.

The launch of the collection will be celebrated in a closed event, which will take place on November 10th at the Working Title store, located in Pinheiros, São Paulo, produced by the Haute agency. The celebration will feature around 250 guests, including influencers, press and brand partners. With the participation of hamburgueria Tradi, the event will offer Dropper, an exclusive hamburger in partnership with Heinz for people to enjoy without worries, and which will be on sale at the hamburgueria's Pinheiros unit.

The Unstained Collection pieces will be available for purchase through the website and at the brand's physical store in São Paulo, starting at 6 pm on November 10th.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that the brand enters the Brazilian fashion territory. In 2019, Heinz collaborated with the Reserva brand and, in 2021, another with Approve, showing versatility and innovation that goes far beyond its delicious products.

“We are very happy with this partnership and with another action designed especially for our consumers who love ketchup, but also love a killer look! This collection was designed so that they can have the pleasure of eating, being well dressed and not afraid of getting dirty with the ketchup drops”, concludes Luana.

The pieces range from R$229 to R$499 and can be purchased at the WT store, located at Rua Francisco Leitão, 258 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP.


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