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Heloisa Lopez: Beyond the Lenses, a Passion for Photography


Photos: Sávio Tavares - @savio.foto

Model: Heloisa Lopez - @izza_loppez

Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Editor-In-Chief: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

In the international fashion scene, a model emerges who goes far beyond elegant poses. Heloisa Lopez is passionate about photography, and her self-love is the secret behind every image she creates. Each click of her session is an authentic representation of who she is, and this authenticity is what truly sets her apart.

Heloisa's essence is self-love, which manifests as confidence and authenticity in every photograph. This confidence is palpable, radiating from the images in a way that goes beyond aesthetics.

Heloisa's passion for being photographed translates into genuine expressions and natural movements during the sessions. Each photo is an opportunity to reveal different aspects of her personality, and she embraces this chance to share her authentic self.

Among her many memorable sessions, one that deeply marked her was at sunset in Taíba, Ceará. In this magical moment, she tells us that she felt in total harmony with nature and the camera, resulting in images that captured not only her beauty but also her soul.

Check out the exclusive interview we conducted with the model:

1 - How do you believe self-love is reflected in your photographs as a model?

I firmly believe that self-love is the essence of all my photographs as a model. It reveals itself through the confidence and authenticity I emanate. When I am truly at peace with myself, this serenity translates into powerful and authentic images, capturing not only my appearance but also my illuminated soul.

2 - What is the secret to conveying passion and emotion through a photographic click?

The secret to capturing passion and emotion in a photographic click lies in a deep connection with the story we are telling in the image. When I immerse myself in that narrative, emotions flow naturally and intensely. It's as if my heart dances in harmony with the camera, creating a tangible bond between the felt emotion and the captured image.

3 - How does your passionate love for being photographed influence the way you express yourself during sessions?

My fervent passion for being photographed manifests in every expression, gesture, and gaze during the sessions. It empowers me to explore various facets of my personality, allowing me to wholeheartedly engage in the creative process. Each click of the camera is an opportunity to reveal a new layer of my authentic self.

4 - Can you share a specific experience in which you truly felt connected to the camera during a photoshoot?

One experience that remains etched in my memory was during a sunset session in Taíba, Ceará. In that magical moment, I felt completely in harmony with nature and the camera. Each click captured not only the beauty of the scenery but also the pure and authentic essence of my being. It was a perfect fusion of my spirit, the breathtaking landscape, and the camera lens, resulting in images that tell a profound and emotional story.

5 - How do you balance your passion for photography with the challenges and pressures of the fashion industry?

Balancing my passion for photography with the challenges of the fashion industry requires a substantial dose of self-confidence and resilience. Grounding myself in my true essence not only helps me overcome external pressures and expectations but also strengthens my connection to the art of photography. This authenticity is my foundation, enabling me to face challenges with determination and grace while always preserving the integrity of my work.

6 - How do you believe a passion for the process of capturing unique moments in a photo influences the final outcome of a photoshoot?

The passion I feel for the process of capturing fleeting moments in a photo is what breathes life into the images. This emotional intensity spills into every aspect of the session, creating an atmosphere imbued with magic and creativity. Each click of the camera is not just a visual record but a work of art, a visual narrative that transcends time. My passion for the process is the fuel that transforms simple clicks into unforgettable photographic treasures, each containing a unique and exciting story.


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