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Hooks International Magazine: Unraveling Creative Collaboration in 25 Countries.

Have you ever stopped to think about how an international magazine operates? What is the purpose of artistic partnerships in fashion?

Welcome to the world of Hooks International Magazine, where fashion and design transcend borders and cultures to create a universe of creative collaborations in 25 countries. Our magazine is much more than a trend catalog; it is a platform where talented artists and professionals have the opportunity to showcase their work, their art, and their truth.

From the very beginning, Hooks Magazine has had a clear purpose: to prioritize fashion and design as fundamental pillars of our publication. Our founder, a graphic designer by trade, has always sought to highlight these elements, making them the essence of our magazine.

Partnerships play a crucial role in our journey. To create our features and artistic projects, we rely on outsourced teams from various locations and countries. Everyone works together towards a common goal: mutual exposure. Photographers, stylists, beauty hair and makeup artists, and our editing team collaborate, strengthening their portfolios and promoting their work through these enriching partnerships.

Contrary to a possible misunderstanding, we don't invest money in all projects; our focus is on freedom of expression in each area with our partners. With approximately 5 features released daily, our partnerships and contacts are essential to fulfill our mission. Hooks Magazine is undoubtedly a platform for artists who find in our pages a space to earn recognition and respect in the international art scene.

The cherry on top is our famous cover featuring artists. Selecting an artist to grace our cover is not an easy task but rather a careful choice within our guidelines. Daily, we receive suggestions from talented artists, but the selection is made with the aim of promoting valuable partnerships where both sides benefit.

However, covers featuring artists are not a significant source of profit for us. Instead, they are a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their work and stand out. After all, being on our cover is a true honor that values the creativity and talent of the selected artists.

In the investment process, we work together with our partners, and each contributes the work they can. We allow them complete creative freedom to create spectacular photographic pieces, while our team takes on the role of graphic editing and writing. This allows us to maintain our editorial image, unique design, and style, which are the trademarks of Hooks Magazine. Our partnerships are, without a doubt, true artistic expressions.

In summary, Hooks International Magazine is not just a fashion magazine; it is an inexhaustible source of creativity and artistic connections on a global scale. Our creative collaborations in 25 countries set us apart as a unique platform where emerging and established talents come together to shine. On every page, we celebrate the beauty of fashion, the magic of design, and the power of collaboration. Join us on this journey through the universe of fashion and art!

"This article is an act of criticism, aimed at people who are not part of our industry, urging them to stop assuming they know what they have no clue about. Hooks Magazine strengthens various aspects of fashion and media, but we are not naive. On the contrary, our magazine relies on professionals with over 13 years of experience in the field. So, please, respect the work of each professional involved." - Matheus Hooks (Founder and Fashion Director).


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