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Influencer Gaby Lucianno gives tips to upgrade your looks with jeans

Photo credits: Liniker

Jeans are a classic piece in any fashionista's closet and the most basic models are reinvented every season. If the idea is to bet on a more modern and cool approach, just invest in a cooler blouse and accessories that give the desired touch. With styling tricks, it is possible to upgrade jeans.

Influencer and mentor Gaby Lucianno, who is an avowed denim fan, listed some tips to rock. Check it out!

I love jeans, be them of all styles, I've used jeans with elastane a lot more and today I'm adhering to something more stripped and loose", explained the influencer.


How about giving your jeans a new look? This proposal is not even a styling trick, since the transformation can be permanent and there is no turning back, but who doesn't enjoy recycling a basic piece and giving it an innovative look with a fresh-from-the-store look? The tip is to customize. Sew embroidery on the base of the piece (you can buy ready-made fabrics and embroidery) or make slits in the leg of the pants to create a destroyed pattern.


Jeans are all about the hottest days. The fabric does not heat up much and is synonymous with practicality. For days with higher temperatures, wearing pantaloons or straight-cut jeans with a cropped top is the perfect choice to stay warm. To give it a more sophisticated look, a good tip is to choose a piece with satin fabric, which is on the rise in fashion, and complete the look with a coat made of light, transparent fabric, which will not compromise the freshness of the outfit. The accessories also help to give a special touch: whether it's the bijoux, the choice of sunglasses, the shoes or the bag, just use your creativity to give the look a valuable upgrade.


Choosing a fashion accessory that goes beyond the basics helps to completely transform your jeans. In street wear in Paris, handbags with feather material, a trend that has been appearing more frequently, gained prominence. The blouse can also make all the difference and make the look amazing (we've already given some inspirations here). Whether with straight, flared or pantacourt pants, the strongest bets of the moment, the look will be super glam.


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