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Influencer Layse Cohen shares pains and frustrations of breastfeeding

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In the breastfeeding month, many mothers take the opportunity to share their pains and frustrations in the face of a long-awaited moment. One of them is lifestyle and motherhood expert Layse Cohen, who faced significant challenges to breastfeed her twin children.

"Breastfeeding for me was a dream, but it was also a significant challenge. I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that they were born prematurely, at 32 weeks and 5 days, I wasn't yet producing breast milk," she began her account.

Layse shared that since they were admitted to the NICU to gain weight, she had to go to the milk bank every day to pump milk for them to be given through a feeding tube.

"I tried my best to pump, but almost nothing came out, and I would despair because I couldn't produce enough. The doctor suggested that if I had a friend who was breastfeeding, I should ask for breast milk donation. I found it very complicated and felt really bad because the last thing I needed at that moment was someone condemning me for not being able to breastfeed my children," said the mother of Estella and Daniel, who are now 5 years old.

Layse also shared that when she finally went home with the little ones, the problems increased even more.

"My breasts cracked, and I couldn't solely breastfeed both with breast milk. I had to give formula as a supplement, and I remember once my husband went to the pharmacy to look for a more specific formula, and he mentioned the name and said it was good for preemies. The woman there replied, 'Breast milk is what's good for the baby.' He told me, and I found it extreme because people don't know what others are going through and yet they criticize. Unfortunately, the world is full of people like that. Anyway, I managed to breastfeed my children, with supplementation, but it was until they turned 6 months when they started eating solid food and didn't want breast milk anymore; they naturally stopped," she explained.


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