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Influencer Mirian Carter releases a children's book

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Writer Mirian Carter, a former participant on the show "A Grande Conquista," launched a children's book based on her own life at the last Biennial, which took place at Riocentro in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. "Mirna and her Corn Doll" tells the story of a very humble, simple, and shy little girl who lived in the countryside with her parents and sisters.

Mirian wants to show that, despite the character never receiving a single toy, she was happy.

"I had this project of my childhood story in my mind for a long time. I found it incredible how, as a child, I could dream in such a vivid way, even during that time of financial scarcity. I say that for me and my sisters, flip-flops were a luxury, let alone shoes. I took this story, where I grew up without access to toys, and I decided to transform it in a different way and leave a legacy for my grandchildren in the future when I have them. Today, I see that children are growing up wanting more and more technology and becoming addicted to computers," said Mirian, adding:
"Basically, the book addresses the opposite, which is a child who had nothing but was extremely happy. Nature was enchanting for her, animals were her best friends, she talked to the animals, baths were taken in the river. What could be more beautiful in such an innocent and pure little story? The starry skies were like going to the movies, the full moon was a special day. So, I wanted to show children that there is another side of life, which is the magical side of nature. I really wish today that parents would go on retreats with their children, that music would be the crickets' song, and show them that respecting animals is important."

Her connection with animals is so strong that Mirian shared she suffers daily when eating meat.

"Today, I have an internal struggle not to eat meat, not because I think it's wrong, but because the animals were such good friends to me that when I'm eating meat, I remember them. I eat it, but I feel like a traitor," she said.

According to the writer, the most important thing about this book was to portray the enchanting side of a child who had no access to toys or technology but created a magical world.

"It was one of the best moments of my life to have grown up in the countryside, where my father wasn't the owner but rather a cattle herder. There was life, peace, such great joy in my heart, and I decided to put it all down on paper. I hope that children see this story as a source of learning."


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