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Interview Bella Campos - With jewelry in shades of blue, Life stays aligned with NYFW trends

The new collection, starring Bella Campos, features natural gemstones and references elements of nature.

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Continuing the trilogy of campaigns starring the winner of Best Supporting Actress in the Melhores do Ano awards, Bella Campos appears in a softer and more delicate mood, representing the essence of Life's new collection: Breeze.


With topazes and lapis lazuli, the jewelry seeks to represent water and the breeze of the wind, conveying all the freshness of natural elements in a sophisticated manner.

The water aesthetic had already been a highlight among fashion weeks, but it was the lighter shades of blue - the Light Blue - that stole the show at New York Fashion Week. Thus, the jewelry brand takes the lead and positions itself as a trendsetter in the Brazilian market.

The jewelry mix includes rings, earrings, and necklaces in silver with rhodium plating and natural gemstones, offering delicate, timeless, and versatile options that allow for both daytime and evening outfit combinations.


In an interview about the new release, Bella Campos responds:

How would you describe your current career moment? Can we expect more news?

"I would say it's a very promising moment filled with novelties. This is my first campaign for a jewelry brand, and I'm currently on a trip for a movie shoot, so you can expect a lot of new things coming up and different projects."

How did you feel about being chosen to participate in this campaign?

"I was very happy. Being with Life is very special; the brand suits me perfectly. It's a youthful brand that brings a lot of personality and expression in its pieces."

Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the campaign and how it aligns with your own aesthetics and personal style?

"The collection has this blend of delicacy with a more creative personality, which resonates with my sensitive and expressive side at the same time."

What was the coolest moment of your experience in the campaign? Is there any moment or detail you'd like to highlight?

"The photoshoot was a very cool experience. Besides the team being very dear, I got to discover interesting facts and more details about the pieces, truly understand the inspirations, references of the collection, and its development."

The pieces from the Breeze collection are now available on the e-commerce website and in all brand stores throughout Brazil.


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