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Isabella Santos - The Transformation of a Passion into Success


Model: Isabella Santos - @isahsantis / Photos: Enzo Faé - @enzofaephoto / Filmmaker: Jamal - @ohstevanini / Edition & vfx: Guilherme Santiis - @guisantiisvfx / Studio: Horus Studios - @horusstudioss / Make and Hair: Thiago Shull - @thiagoshull / Styling:  @cansei_vendi / Design Director Hooks: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Isabella Santos, at the age of 35, graces the cover of the "CREATOR" edition of Hooks International Magazine, sharing a unique journey in the world of fashion.

Born in São Paulo (Brazil), Isabella began her path by customizing looks in her childhood and working for multinational companies at the age of 16. At 27, she left her job to dedicate herself to Instagram, where she now has 136 thousand followers.

In an exclusive interview, Isabella highlights her professional transition at the age of 35, leaving the engineering market to become an influencer and model. The gradual growth on Instagram came from the quality of content, especially in sharing affordable looks authentically.

By monetizing at the age of 28, she built credibility through commitment and careful choice of partnerships aligned with her style. Facing challenges, she emphasizes the difficulty of maintaining authenticity in the fast-paced transformations of social media.

The fulfillment of a dream occurred in 2023 when Isabella launched her clothing brand, @sants_brand, providing a unique and rewarding experience as a fashion entrepreneur.

Check out the exclusive interview we conducted with Isabella:

1: How was the transition from working as a marketing and sales manager in multinational companies to becoming an influencer and model?

I worked for 8 years in the international market of telecommunications engineering, where I gained a lot of knowledge about marketing and products. However, I reached a point where it was no longer possible to continue, and I realized that my passion was in the world of fashion. I decided to leave my job to dedicate myself 100% to Instagram. Today, at the age of 35, I feel professionally fulfilled working with what I love.

2: Could you share a significant moment in your journey as an influencer that contributed to the growth of your Instagram profile?

There wasn't a specific moment but rather a gradual increase in followers, especially when I decided to invest in the quality of photos and content. I hired a team and organically shared all my looks and distinctive, affordable products with my followers.

3: When you started monetizing with Instagram at the age of 28, how did you build credibility in your profile and establish partnerships with over 100 fashion and beauty brands?

My credibility developed due to three main factors: commitment, seriousness, and punctuality. From the beginning, in 2017, I dedicated myself to the career I believed was my dream, overcoming obstacles to fulfill agreements with my clients. The choice of brands based on my organic affinity with followers was also crucial, providing quick results and meeting the needs of my audience in the form of content.

4: What were the main challenges you faced in pursuing your dream of becoming an influencer and model, and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge is staying true to the identity I built as an influencer while keeping up with the rapid transformations of social media, requiring more time, dedication, and investment to maintain the pace.

5: How did the idea of opening your own clothing brand, @sants_brand, in 2023 come about, and how has the experience of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry been?

Since childhood, I dreamed of entering the fashion market, and in 2023, I decided to add to my career as an influencer by opening my own brand. I turned my passion and knowledge into pieces that reflect my essence. Entrepreneurship in fashion provides a unique and rewarding journey, allowing for greater closeness with my followers.

6: With an Instagram following of 136k, how do you balance the content division between fashion, style, and beauty tips for young individuals and women who want to dress well on a budget?

I maintain a varied schedule, dedicating specific days to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips. My team stays attentive to follower feedback to adjust based on what they appreciate the most.



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