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Izadora Carvalho: The Symphony of Fashion and Digital Influence


Photographer: Rafa Manson - @mansonstudio
Makeup and hair: Rodrigo Lopes - @rodrigolopesmakeup
Style: Carlos Martinz - @carlosmartiinz
Production: Rafa Mason - @masonstudio
Marketing and Design Director Hooks: @mathlopes
Fashion Director Hooks: @directorhooks

In a stunning fusion of beauty, talent, and digital charisma, we are thrilled to present Izadora Carvalho, a captivating model on the rise as a digital influencer, on the cover of the "ITALY" edition of Hooks Magazine International. Through an exclusive interview that delves into her journey, dreams, and the dynamic realm where photography and digital presence intertwine, Izadora brings her unique story to life, showcasing the synergy between these two universes that are shaping the modern concept of fame.

Throughout this metamorphosis from photographic model to digital influencer, Izadora's personality has also flourished. She has overcome initial shyness, finding her voice and communicating with her audience in an authentic and captivating manner. Digital influence is not just about sharing images; it's also about sharing a part of oneself with the world, and Izadora has embraced this change with grace and determination.

Check out the exclusive interview below:

1. How do you balance your career as a photographic model since the age of 9 with the recent digital influence you've gained?

I never had the dream of becoming a model; it happened naturally. I started posing for local shops in the town I grew up in, Firminopolis, in the interior of Goiás. Later, other stores began inviting me, and my sister owns women's clothing stores in Goiânia, so the invitations kept coming, and it all flowed naturally. I already had an audience on Facebook when I was just 11 years old. After I started focusing more on Instagram, my audience followed me there, and that's when I shifted my focus to Instagram.

2. What are the main challenges you face when working both as a photographic model and a digital influencer?

There are numerous challenges; many people think it's an easy job. But it involves a lot of our mental and physical well-being. We're all human beings and have bad days, yet we still have to fulfill our duties. Often, we have to be there with a smile even when we're going through tough times. When you put yourself out there, many people feel entitled to give their opinions or say what they want. So, you have to be mentally strong. Thankfully, the haters are the minority. There are far more supportive and kind people than those who try to discourage us.

3. How have your experiences as a photographic model influenced the way you present yourself and communicate with your audience on digital platforms?

Initially, I was quite shy and naturally reserved. But over time, with the support of my family and older sister, I've become much more communicative. I struggled a lot with shyness in the beginning, as I mostly worked as a photographic model where verbal communication wasn't as necessary. However, as an influencer, we have to engage with our audience through communication. I now have numerous partnerships in the fashion, beauty, and aesthetics industries. I feel fulfilled by my growing determination in my professional life. I was even invited by MAC Cosmetics from Spain to film behind-the-scenes at the Portugal Fashion Week held in the city of Porto, Portugal. It was an incredible experience, and I felt honored to have had this opportunity at just 19 years old.

4. How has your presence as a digital influencer positively impacted your career as a photographic model, and vice versa?

It has had quite a significant and positive impact. Most people enjoy seeing reality, our day-to-day lives, and this has attracted a much larger audience to my Instagram. I am very happy to share positive tips with my followers. Not only about work; of course, I collaborate with brands I genuinely trust and that have credibility. I would never recommend something to my audience that I don't personally use or trust. But whenever I travel or come across something worth recommending, I always share it with my followers. My audience is growing steadily, and I'm grateful to God for that. It makes me happy because it's a sign that I'm on the right path.

5. What are the most rewarding aspects of being a digital influencer who shares your journey as a photographic model with your followers?

The most rewarding aspect is being able to live incredible experiences and share them with my followers. I'm a person of deep faith, with a strong belief in God. I often share a lot about my faith, and I receive many messages from followers thanking me. They often mention that they feel God or hear God speaking to them through some of my posts. This is the most rewarding part for me because God is everything to me. Everything I've achieved and live today is thanks to Him. Every door that has opened in my life, in all areas and especially in my professional life, I know it was Him. So, it's fulfilling not to be known solely for an "external beauty," but to offer and provide much more than that to my followers. Of course, sharing everything related to fashion, beauty, aesthetics, and travel is part of my job. It's also rewarding to see my followers fulfilled, for example, when they achieve a dream aesthetic procedure and are satisfied with the results, following a professional I recommended. From health to aesthetics, or helping someone find the right outfit for a special occasion, it's these small things that are truly priceless. To some, they might seem insignificant or trivial, but only those who truly desire and need them understand the personal significance of each situation, no matter how small it might seem.

6. How do you utilize social media to promote both your work as a photographic model and to connect with your audience as an influencer?

As a photographic model, I work on photoshoots for brands. However, as an influencer, I can not only create the photos but also promote the products to my audience. This is beneficial both for me and for my collaborators and followers. I only promote what I truly use, test, and approve. I wouldn't promote something I wouldn't use myself or that doesn't have good quality and credibility. This is crucial for both influencers and our followers. We must value credibility and the assurance that everyone will be satisfied and happy.

7. What values and messages do you aim to convey through your modeling photos and influencer posts?

The real me. My essence. I've turned down many campaigns because they didn't align with who I am. I don't want to sell an image of someone I'm not. We already face a lot of judgment from people who don't know us. They judge us based solely on seeing our photos, without knowing the human being behind them. So, I try my best to be transparent and convey my values, principles, and my tastes. In my posts, as I mentioned, I talk a lot about God. I enjoy going to church, but I also like going out, being on a beach, at a restaurant with my friends, or at a beach club while on vacation. But many people struggle to reconcile these aspects and rush to judge. I've struggled a lot with this, to the point of seeking therapy to understand why I felt bad about situations I couldn't control. But today, I handle it much better, with more maturity. I realize that what others say tells more about them than about me. Thanks to God, I can now find that balance without feeling guilty or paying heed to negative comments from people who only want to discourage us. I try to show who the real Izadora is—a person of faith, a dreamer, determined, someone who pursues her objectives without fear, someone who chases her dreams.

8. In your opinion, how is the fusion between the world of photographic modeling and the digital space shaping the industry and how models build their careers?

I wouldn't say it's easier today, but I'd say that the digital space has opened up many doors. Before, to become a model, one had to go through agencies and auditions. Nowadays, people can start with their own social media platforms and build their own audience. There's no longer a beauty standard, no rigid measurements. Many women and girls used to struggle with complexes and never believed they could be models or achieve success due to society's imposed "beauty" standard. The digital industry came along and shattered these paradigms and limited beliefs. We see countless models and influencers of all ages, sizes, and colors. There's no limitation on the internet. Today, many people find fulfillment and live their dreams thanks to the digital industry. It's wonderful to witness so many people growing and finding personal and professional fulfillment through the digital industry, which has opened doors and provided opportunities. May everyone have the courage to chase their dreams. It's not easy, but as I always say, nothing is impossible. If you have faith and determination, everything is possible for those who believe!

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