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Jackeline Alecrim is among the 30 scientists featured as highlights in an international publication

German publication highlights the scientist.

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The German pharmaceutical company Bayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical laboratories in the world, has named Brazilian scientist Jackeline Alecrim as one of the thirty female scientists to be featured in a book honoring the achievements of women in science. Recently published, the book titled "Science with a Woman's Face" showcases female scientists in alphabetical order, presenting their biographies and life stories.

Jackeline, originally from a small town in the interior of Minas Gerais, Brazil, was the first person in her family across generations to pursue higher education. Graduating in Pharmacy in 2010, she worked as a university professor for nine years, during which she decided to pursue her research using her own resources and the support of the educational institution she was working for. Her innovative approach gained her recognition in the field of scientific entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally.

The scientist is a pioneer in developing a study that resulted in a biotechnology utilizing phytoactives from a biotechnological coffee extract, clinically proven to be effective against alopecia and hair loss. In 2017, the formula developed by the scientist was approved by the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), allowing her to begin commercializing the product derived from the patented biotechnology.

The study spanned four years and involved significant challenges, including the demanding routine of balancing work and the laboratory, often spending more than 18 hours at the research bench, all while navigating the responsibilities of motherhood. The scientist reveals that these challenges served as additional motivation to see her project through to completion:

"Seven hours before giving birth, I was in the laboratory, and 14 days after delivery, I started juggling between research and breastfeeding in the university corridors. I always like to share this part of the story because it symbolizes the additional challenges that women face in pursuing their work, in any field, including science. Despite the many difficulties, motherhood provided me with extra fuel to never give up," she says.

Jackeline also emphasizes the importance of initiatives like Bayer's:

"The initiative by Bayer to highlight the journeys of women in science contributes to demystifying our role as researchers and serves as encouragement and inspiration. Women have tremendous sensitivity and great powers of perception, along with being naturally creative and persistent. They have made significant scientific achievements throughout history. The book portrays the contributions of women in science, and it is an immeasurable honor to be among the 30 honored scientists of today in this work."

The formulation developed by Jackeline Alecrim, named DR JACK - Caffeines Therapy, began with a modest production of eight customized bottles after the completion of the research. It has since reached the milestone of over 200,000 products sold, with distributors in more than 21 countries.

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Where i can find the book?

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