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Jenifer Buscher, model and PR, comments on her careers and how she stands out in the digital market






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Jenifer Buscher is a dedicated Gaucha, born in Porto Alegre and has been a model since she was very young. At the age of 5, she was already modeling for important children's brands. Her beauty and charm have always attracted many looks and admiration. She has participated in various TV commercials, mainly for the local TV of her region.

After having an experience in a big company, she fell in love with the digital world and has been dedicating herself more and more to this field. Currently, she provides advisory services for actors and celebrities and, as a model, represents brands from her state. Her routine is quite busy, she travels a lot and is always in search of new knowledge. Jenifer has already visited many different cultures, habits and ways of living, and is always looking to expand her knowledge. For her, every country visited is a new opportunity for learning.

Jenifer is an example of determination and we had the honor of getting to know her better. Join us and admire this capable woman!

1- In a few words, how would you define yourself?

"I am a very authentic, hardworking, and also courageous person."

2- Jeny, on your Instagram, you share many moments. Your lifestyle is admired by many people. Have you always been like this? What tips would you give to those who aspire to have a similar lifestyle to yours?

"I do share many activities, especially travels and memorable moments, but I also value my privacy a lot. I provide services to very successful people, celebrities, so I also live a lot 'off' as well."

3- How did you become interested in the digital media industry? How long have you been dedicated to this career?

"When I was around 20 years old, I joined a very renowned company in southern Brazil. This company sold patents and I sold internet domains. The digital world provided me with new experiences and curiosities, and I became enchanted by this niche that is increasingly expanding. So, when I left the company, I took a course to specialize in the digital world. I have been dedicated to this career for more than 5 years now and I hope to not stop anytime soon."

4- Your beauty is really attractive, tell us also about being a photographic model.

"Being a photographic model is not an easy task, despite what many may think. But those who do not live the practice always think that the work of others is an easy task. There are days when I have to photograph many looks, and this requires a lot of energy and dedication."

5- Jeny, you are a woman who is very dedicated to everything you set out to do. What motivates you to fight for your goals?

"Yes, I am indeed very dedicated to everything I do. I have many motivations; at every moment, I want to exceed expectations and have more ambitious goals."

6- Do you have any complementary activities or hobbies? Which ones? Do you consider that they impact your life in any way?

"Traveling and being with family are my favorite hobbies, I feel free traveling and getting to know new cultures."

7- Last question, but not least: if you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

I really like the phrase: "What is yours will come."


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