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Kamilla Agacci Boing arrives in São Paulo for a schedule of professional commitments

The businesswoman and influencer will stay in the 'land of drizzle' until next week

Kamilla Agacci

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Kamilla Agacci Boing arrived in São Paulo on Thursday (18) for an intense schedule of commitments. During her stay in the 'land of drizzle', Kamilla will participate in meetings, events, have a photoshoot, and attend the Chart fashion show, one of her favorite national brands.

Passionate about the fashion world, Kamilla anticipates that she is excited to attend the fashion show next week.

"I'm eager to see what Chart is preparing for this runway. They always manage to surpass themselves each season. I'm a big fan of the brand," she explained.

Originally from Santa Catarina, Kamilla is an influencer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Renewing Luxury, the largest luxury 2Hand store in the country (BR), founded over ten years ago. With around 200 thousand followers on social media, she shares her daily life and also discusses fashion, motherhood, and travel.


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