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Karla Lima, travel enthusiast and author of the book "A Life Without Sugar" for Hooks Magazine


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Perfil oficial KARLA

Karla Lima is a Civil Engineering graduate, Product Owner, travel enthusiast, entrepreneur, digital content creator, and now, she proudly announces her new role as an author. This multifaceted woman has an admired journey, having achieved and fulfilled various dreams through her perseverance, focus, discipline, and courage. She hails from Araci, Bahia.

Karla possesses a strong and admired personality. In an interview, she makes it clear that she is passionate about travel. She does not shy away from the challenges encountered along the way. With courage, audacity, and awareness of her ability to overcome obstacles, she forges ahead.

This inspiring woman is also synonymous with empowerment. Karla is incredibly charismatic and empathetic. She feels fulfilled when she can help others and shares a great rapport with her followers. Through her Instagram, those who follow her know how eventful her life is, and she consistently shares her moments, thoughts, and itineraries with her audience.

There is no doubt that Karla recognizes the importance of strong willpower to pursue dreams and goals, and she certainly possesses an abundance of determination in her life.

We, at Hooks Magazine, feel incredibly honored to share more of the story and thoughts of this remarkable woman!

Check out this amazing interview:

01 - To get to know you better, could you mention three words that best describe you?

"I am a highly determined woman, disciplined, and intelligent. I consider these three characteristics to be crucial aspects of my personality as they have been with me since childhood. I am driven by an inner desire and a deep conviction that I can overcome obstacles to achieve my goals. Determination is the fuel that keeps me motivated, persistent, and focused even in the face of challenges and adversities. When I refer to intelligence, I don't just mean academic knowledge, although I have always enjoyed studying. I mean intelligence in terms of constantly seeking knowledge to broaden my horizons. This desire led me to explore traveling, learning about other cultures, languages, acquiring new skills, adapting, and expanding my repertoire. Discipline is my strength; it propels me to consistently take action towards my dreams. It is my constant companion, keeping me focused even in the face of distractions or setbacks. Being a disciplined person helps me resist the temptation of shortcuts and keeps me committed to my goals, principles, and values."

02 - Through your Instagram, it is evident that you are a woman who loves to travel. Have the trips you have taken contributed to your life in any way? How so?

"I absolutely adore engaging in exciting, challenging, and out-of-the-ordinary activities. I have a spirit of exploration and am always willing to take risks in pursuit of new experiences and adventures. Traveling allows me to immerse myself in different cultures, traditions, customs, and ways of life, which greatly enriches my life by expanding my understanding of the world, providing a broader perspective, and fostering a deeper appreciation for human diversity.
One of the most impactful experiences was when I visited the Middle East. I felt an incredibly strong connection with Egypt, a place filled with rich and fascinating stories, with an ancient civilization dating back thousands of years. The Egyptian culture, the ancient religion with its deities, the pyramids, the pharaohs' temples, the art, literature, and traditions all captivated me. When I was in the Sahara Desert, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy. The wind, the silence, the soft sand... everything was beautiful! In fact, I witnessed the most breathtaking sunset there; it was truly a spectacle. I was deeply moved by the experience. I understood why the people born and raised there do not leave their country and roots, despite the challenges they face. 'It is possible to suffer from the heat of the desert and still love it,' I thought."

03 - Karla, you have a YouTube channel, right? What kind of content do you focus on? Where did the inspiration come from?

"Yes, I have a YouTube channel called 'Karla Travel Queen.' It revolves around what I love the most: traveling. On my channel, viewers can find a series of engaging and informative videos about travel destinations around the world, ranging from popular spots to hidden gems in unexpected places. For instance, I filmed a video exploring a secret tomb in Saqqara. My channel takes viewers on a true journey through different countries, showcasing their breathtaking landscapes, historical landmarks, architectural wonders, and unique cultural experiences."

04 - Speaking of travel, what experience would you recommend to someone who wants to travel? And what would you advise against?

"I highly recommend solo travel as an incredible and enriching experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. When you embark on a solo journey, you open yourself up to a world of discovery, personal growth, and unparalleled freedom. I also recommend traveling to the Middle East, home to one of the world's oldest civilizations. The region is rich in history and offers the opportunity to explore awe-inspiring archaeological sites and monuments, as well as stunning natural landscapes. Explore Brazil as well. Our country is blessed with stunning natural beauty, from the vast white-sand beaches of the Northeast to the Amazon Rainforest, Pantanal wetlands, and the majestic Iguaçu Falls. It's evident that our country offers a variety of unique landscapes. Moreover, Brazilian culture is diverse and vibrant, with influences from indigenous, African, and European cultures. On the other hand, I advise against neglecting to invest in travel. Make financial planning a priority. Investing in travel is one of the best decisions you can make in life. Through travel, you gain experiences and memories, personal growth, cultural expansion, a break from routine, stress reduction, and an expansion of happiness. I believe nobody feels sad while traveling. It's also important to note that traveling to the Middle East without a tour guide is not recommended. Guides have extensive knowledge about the local areas, and your trip will be more enjoyable and hassle-free. However, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha are relatively easier regions to visit, as many people speak English there."

05 - Karla, you are an empowered woman who inspires many followers. How does it feel to know your relevance?

"Every morning, when I look at myself in the mirror, I see an empowered woman staring back at me, her strength reflected in her eyes. I take pride in my journey and I know that the experiences and challenges I've faced were essential in shaping who I am today. I recognize the power within me and the responsibility I carry to inspire other women. When I receive messages of gratitude and admiration from my followers, my heart fills with joy. I know that my words and actions are positively impacting the lives of other women, encouraging them to embrace their own authenticity and believe in their potential. Every achievement, big or small, of my followers is a shared victory, a reminder that everyone can achieve their goals. I acknowledge that my purpose in life extends beyond my own personal journey. I want to share my experiences and lessons learned so that others may find guidance and courage to carve their own paths. To me, the true essence of life lies in helping and inspiring others."

06 - Is it true that you are releasing a book? Tell us more about this exciting news.

"It is true! The long-awaited day has arrived! I am thrilled to announce the release of my book, 'A Life Without Sugar.' This book aims to 'open people's eyes' to the hidden dangers of excessive sugar consumption while providing the necessary tools to lead a healthier life. 'A Life Without Sugar' is the comprehensive guide that will help readers break free from this vicious cycle and regain control over their dietary choices. My book is based on extensive scientific research as well as personal experiences throughout my journey of over 2 and a half years without sugar. It covers a range of important topics, from the science behind the subject to practical strategies for gradually reducing and eliminating sugar from one's diet. I also explain a sugar detox action plan, which is a step-by-step guide to gradually reduce sugar dependence and adopt a more balanced eating approach. Readers will also have access to delicious and nutritious recipes, meal planning, and strategies for dealing with intense sugar cravings, empowering them to confidently embark on a sugar-free life."

07 - Did you ever dream that you could go this far?

"I take great pride in what I have achieved so far, and I also know that I have much more to accomplish. A girl raised in the interior of Bahia, from a humble family, that many people didn't believe could reach where she is now. But I believed and I made it. I learned to turn my dreams, my expectations, into reality. Looking back, I am proud of every accomplishment I have achieved. Today, I am independent, a graduate in Civil Engineering, I have studied abroad, traveled to many countries, inspire people to travel, and am a reference when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. My dreams are infinite. Each goal I reach is just a step towards new challenges. I always allow myself to dream even higher, and I am always ready to embrace everything the future holds for me."

8 - Last question, but not least: If you could display a message on a billboard, what would it be?

"Time is everything." Time is a limited resource we have in our lives; we cannot recover it or acquire more, which makes it extremely valuable. This phrase, for me, is a constant reminder of our own mortality. It reminds us that life is fleeting and transient, and we should make the most of every moment while we can. Time urges us to live intensely, to embrace the present. Therefore, appreciating and managing time well is essential for living a fulfilling and satisfying life."


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