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Lívia Braguim: Illuminating the Path of Entrepreneurship with Brillante Candles


Lívia Braguim

Photos: Sávio Tavares - @savio.foto

Brand: @brillantevelas

Make: @felipehiratamakeup

Production: @danimouraconcept

Lívia Braguim, a prominent entrepreneur, is the face gracing the cover of this month's "Business" edition of Hooks Magazine. Her journey of success and audacity in founding the "Brillante Velas" brand is a living testament to how determination, creativity, and authenticity can intertwine to create a significant legacy in the business world.

From her teenage desire to delve into the world of aromatic candles and therapies to the current radiance of her own brand, Lívia Braguim embodies the resilience and vision required to transform passions into thriving ventures. With the encouraging influence of her family, who always supported her in forging her own path, Lívia gave life to "Brillante Velas," a brand that transcends merely lighting candles, turning them into true aromatic works of art.

The essence of the name "Brillante Candles" itself reflects an incessant quest for luminosity. With biodegradable glitter particles dancing within the flames, the brand's candles are not just sources of light but also wellsprings of inspiration. The name "Brillante" captures the essence of the inner radiance that Lívia wishes to share with the world through her creations, a light that comes to life in every carefully formulated fragrance and every thoughtful design.

In addition to being a visionary entrepreneur, Lívia also expertly balances her career as a photographic model. This ability to navigate between two passions demonstrates her discipline and time management skills, all while propelling her brand to new heights of success. Lívia not only creates stunning images in front of the camera but also conceives products that evoke emotions and memories through her unique fragrances.


1. How did the idea to found the scented candle company "Brillante Candles" come about?

Since my adolescence, I've always had a fondness for scented candles and everything related to the world of aromas and therapies. I've always had a desire to venture into entrepreneurship, inspired by my family, who encouraged me to work on my own. Right from the start, when I shared the brand idea with those closest to me, everyone loved the concept. This further motivated me to bring the idea to life. I believe that the scented candle market in Brazil is small compared to the international market, and I want to be a part of this growing sector.

2. What's the story behind the name "Brillante Candles" and how does it reflect the essence of your brand?

The idea for the name came about due to my Italian heritage. I wanted something that would evoke this aspect of my life. "Brillante" means brilliant, and it's exactly what my brand conveys, with biodegradable glitter particles and the shimmer of the flames.

3. How do you balance your career as a photographic model with managing your company?

It's not easy, haha, but because I love both of these professions and have a lot of support from my family in the entrepreneurial world, I manage to maintain a disciplined and focused balance, dedicating the necessary time to each activity.

4. What were the biggest challenges you faced when venturing into the scented candle industry?

The first challenge I encountered was finding materials to create unique candles here in Brazil. This took time as I needed to import those materials. After this phase, I began testing and refining the products, making some mistakes along the way. I kept experimenting until I achieved excellence. Today, I have a wide range of fragrances and designs that cater to various tastes.

5. What is the main inspiration behind the unique fragrances offered by your brand?

Currently, I have a variety of fragrances that evoke olfactory memories. These fragrances range from Vanilla Lace, which creates a more sensual ambiance, to Tutti Frutti, which brings back childhood memories, and so on. However, my biggest inspiration for all these fragrances was the Head Cat candle, which is entirely inspired by my cat Sal, who has heterochromia. That's why the candle is sold with one eye of each color. Soon, I'll be launching new fragrances, including themes related to the animal world and personalized scents.

6. How has your experience in the world of photography influenced the way you approach the design and aesthetics of your candles?

Just as I'm always attuned to global fashion trends, I seek inspiration from this international market to bring unique innovations to Brazil. These innovations encompass design, fragrances, and most importantly, environmental sustainability, a crucial concern for future generations.

7. What are the values and principles you aim to convey through your brand "Brillante Velas"?

The values and principles of the brand are centered around environmental preservation. We use raw materials that are not tested on animals and are sustainable, with a natural base. This avoids the emission of toxic gases into the environment, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

8. Share with us a significant moment or a memorable achievement you've experienced since the creation of your company.

One of the most significant moments was the decision to start the company. I was torn between scented candles and another topic I'm also very passionate about. However, scented candles aligned better with my lifestyle. The recent launch of the brand has already been a great success. A memorable achievement that will go down in Brillante's history is being featured here in Hooks Magazine, taking the brand's name worldwide.



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