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La Vie est Belle: The Harmony of Lancôme Ambassadors in a Charming New Campaign

For the first time, Lancôme brings together its squad with La Vie est Belle and the fragrance muse, Julia Roberts, in a vibrant, emotional, and universal campaign that celebrates the intensity of unity and happiness.


Photos promotion LANCÔME - photographer Mario Sorrenti

Through a disruptive and emotional celebration where women support and inspire each other, Lancôme presents a new global campaign that celebrates the strong bond between its ambassadors and the iconic fragrance La Vie est Belle. For the video, Lancôme's global ambassador and face of the fragrance, Julia Roberts, invites the entire community of brand ambassadors including Amanda Seyfried, Isabella Rossellini, Lily Collins, Penélope Cruz, Zendaya Coleman, Aya Nakamura, and Hoyeon to come together for a declaration of happiness and celebration of unity.

Building a strong emotional connection with women around the world, the brand presents a series of videos where Julia Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Isabella Rossellini, Lily Collins, Penélope Cruz, Zendaya Coleman, Aya Nakamura, and Hoyeon share their authentic and spontaneous vision of life and what makes life beautiful for them. The ambassadors invite all women from the La Vie est Belle community to use their own voice and participate in this global celebration of the beauty of life with their new mantra: "Life is what we make of it, so let's make it beautiful, together."

This commitment to happiness emerged in 2012 when Lancôme launched the La Vie est Belle fragrance and officially declared, "Life is beautiful," impacting millions of women worldwide. Now, in 2023, "Life is beautiful" resonates with hope and the deliberate choice to see life with optimism, always striving for a better tomorrow. Lancôme continues to celebrate the courage of women who advocate for a place where all others can also say that life is beautiful, reinforcing that happiness is collective, not individual, and unique to each one of us.

With this in mind, in collaboration with the IPSOS Institute, Lancôme conducted a study on happiness in seven European and American countries¹, highlighting that the pursuit of happiness is not an easy mission due to external factors from which we must free ourselves. The research also indicates that freedom is the most important ingredient for achieving happiness for over half of the respondents, especially when there is collectivity and unity. Furthermore, it revealed that in an increasingly digitalized world, one in four people believed that the sociability of real life was the most important, inspiring Lancôme to establish social bonds as the core of La Vie est Belle.

Supported by this campaign that celebrates a collective and diverse vision of happiness, in line with contemporary beliefs, the La Vie est Belle fragrance embodies the idea that happiness grows when shared, from its intense aroma to its captivating bottle. More than ever, Lancôme's icon proudly affirms that it is more than just a fragrance: it is an olfactory anthem.

The global campaign photos are captured by fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, while the film is produced by rising director Emmanuel Adjei, who celebrates the unstoppable power of sisterhood. The powerful and globally recognized song "What a Wonderful World" serves as the campaign's soundtrack. Sung by women and for women, it becomes an anthem of happiness.


La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum, by Lancôme, is now available in five sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, and 150ml (new release), with suggested retail prices of $107.25, $152.25, $207.25, and $232.25, respectively. There is also a 100ml refill option (new release) with a suggested retail price of $182.25.


Here are the fragrances available in Brazil from the La Vie Est Belle line: La Vie est Belle Eau de Parfum (2012); La Vie Est Belle En Rose Eau de Toilette (2019); La Vie Est Belle Intésement Eau de Parfum (2020); La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal (2021).



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