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Lança Perfume Unveils the Radiant Splendor of High Summer '24 with Mariana Weickert

Lança Perfume sets the stage for a dazzling High Summer '24 with a campaign featuring the captivating presenter and model, Mariana Weickert.

Photos Courtesy Lança Perfume

The collection breathes in the freshness, joy, and intense luminosity of the season. Solar nuances paint a picture of a collection that embraces light, color, and exuberance.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting aesthetics of Morocco, the prints and embroideries bear the imprint of its architecture and culture. Prints like Marrocco Rug, with handmade embroidery reminiscent of ancient Moroccan tapestries, and Scarf Print, showcasing the aesthetics of scarves in Denim Blue and Stone Blu hues, adorn garments with uncomplicated and fluid shapes, including pieces in denim. Turquoise takes center stage in patterns and customizations, appearing in buttons and belt loops that highlight the stone. Micro-embroideries of typical Moroccan florals in sequins bring a desert boho aesthetic that gains sophistication through fluid silhouettes and a strong retro appeal, featuring lace, florals, and vintage pastels.

The color palette takes a journey through various tones. Pollen Yellow emerges as the highlight of the season, a solar shade that promises to assert itself in the coming seasons, even daring to make a bold composition with Malva Purple. Pink, an iconic color for LP, appears in Bubble Pink, a bubblegum pink that embodies the essence of summer, and Yogurt Pink with gemstone applications.

Earthy tones make an appearance this season with Pumpkin, a burnt orange that complements easy summer shapes like short-sleeved linen and viscose blazers and sleep dresses. The classic Black & White emerges in bicolor and maximalist pieces with iconic necklines.

The glamorous aesthetic of the collection introduces empowered silhouettes in dresses full of personality. The splendor of gold, whether in materials or in customization with golden metals and 3D metallic flowers, takes center stage in High Summer. The texture of lamé jersey defines ultra-feminine silhouettes, with special emphasis on the mini dress with a structured bust, exuding extreme exuberance. Get ready to shine in the brilliance of Lança Perfume's High Summer '24 collection!


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