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Larissa Mascarenhas: An Inspiring Journey of Overcoming


Photos: Irene Metelska -

Makeup and hair: Lala Masc - @lalamasc

Jewelry: @swarovski

Special Thanks: Mónica Lafayette, Leonardo Coimbra and Priscila Martins

Design Director: Matheus Lopes - @mathlopes

Editor-In-Chief: Matheus Hooks - @directorhooks

Featured in this month's "BEAUTY" edition, we have a special guest whose story is a true source of inspiration. Born in São Paulo, Larissa Mascarenhas faced challenges from childhood, including working as a child caregiver and collecting cans to help her family. This journey of overcoming and determination took her from a humble upbringing to international recognition in the beauty industry.

Her remarkable transition from a caregiver to a renowned makeup artist is a testament to her resilience. Upon moving to Portugal, she encountered new obstacles, but her unwavering faith and determination kept her focused on her dreams. Working various jobs, she discovered her passion for beauty and made it her life's mission.

In addition to her makeup skills, she excelled in micropigmentation, offering people the opportunity to restore their self-esteem. Even when the pandemic temporarily forced her to close her studio, she didn't give up. Her spirituality played a crucial role in her journey, providing guidance and hope during the most challenging times.

Today, her mission goes beyond aesthetics. Through the "BEAUTY THAT HEALS - Micropigmentation with Love" campaign, she provides free micropigmentation to oncology patients, brightening their lives during such a difficult journey. Her inspirational story reminds us that with faith, determination, and love, we can overcome any obstacle and brighten the lives of those who cross our path.

The exclusive interview reveals how her faith guided her, how hardships shaped her determination, and how her marketing and communication skills contributed to the growth of her business. She shares touching stories of clients deeply impacted by her work, highlighting the transformative power of beauty that goes far beyond the surface.

Check out the exclusive interview now:

1 - How was the transition from being a child caregiver at 12 years old to becoming an internationally recognized makeup artist?

My journey, from being a child caregiver in the São Paulo community of Diadema to becoming an internationally recognized immigrant makeup artist, was marked by a lot of determination. Since the age of 12, when I earned 20.00 reais a day taking care of children, I had a certainty in my heart: the challenges I was facing were not permanent, they were just a phase. We lived in a community, and instead of seeing myself as a victim of these circumstances, I chose to see myself as a winner in the making. I believe that God has a peculiar way of testing our resilience before delivering the rewards.
My father's brave decision to move our entire family to Portugal when I was just 14 represented a fresh start, full of obstacles and challenges. In a new land where we started a new journey, I did a bit of everything: cleaning, delivering flyers, working in cafes and restaurants. Every job, no matter how humble, was a lesson, a step toward my dream. And amid it all, the flame of my passion for beauty only grew. I started by helping neighbors and friends, cutting hair, doing makeup, and eyebrows. With the little income I saved, I decided to invest in various training and workshops, and I saw the doors of the beauty world open for me in ways I never imagined. I had the opportunity to work with artists from various nationalities and excellent mentors. Life allowed me to climb every step of learning and preparation to show me that my work was validated, and I finally had confirmation of what it means to fulfill a dream. Throughout the year 2017, I entered the world of micropigmentation, fell in love with it, and took my first course. I decided to invest in and perfect my knowledge in the field. I took a risk, ventured, and started working as a micropigmentation specialist. I opened my first studio in Lisbon.
During the pandemic, many people, especially businesses and entrepreneurs, faced difficulties. I struggled to keep my studio open, but without many resources and financial support, I was forced to close it. The challenging global context demotivated me, disrupted my financial balance, and led me to a state of depression. God showed me that we can always start again, no matter where we stop. I decided to review my path, reflect on my past, and define my role in the world, and I reinvested in my projects. In this year of 2023, with great joy, I reopened my studio, LALA MASC BEAUTY, in the center of Lisbon. My story is a testimony that, regardless of where we start, with determination and faith, we can rewrite our destiny. I hope that my journey, not only in entrepreneurship but in life, inspires others to believe in themselves and their dreams.

2 - You mentioned facing tough times, including collecting cans to help your family. How did these experiences shape your determination and passion for what you do today?

Collecting cans was not something out of the ordinary; I was only 13 years old. My parents worked hard, but it wasn't enough to cover a family's expenses. There was a lack of food, electricity, and gas. I felt I could contribute. And I found a way to have a source of income: collecting cans. That phase was crucial in defining my determination and drive to overcome that situation. I could sell something that would bring me income. Something that people discarded as trash but had value. From there, I understood that I could achieve my dreams and surpass my expectations in life.

3 - The decision to offer free micropigmentation services to oncology patients is admirable. What motivated you to start the "BEAUTY THAT HEALS - Micropigmentation with Love" campaign?

What motivated me was seeing that several people close to me over the years have suffered from this disease, which can affect any part of the body. Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal and uncontrolled cell growth. Having faced so many adversities on my own journey, I have always had a life purpose to be a transformational agent, and by offering free micropigmentation to oncology patients, I have the opportunity to give back some of their self-esteem and confidence. The "BEAUTY THAT HEALS" campaign is a reflection of my journey and the belief that beauty has the power to heal both the exterior and interior of each individual. Being able to offer these small acts of care and kindness is a privilege for me as a person and a trophy as an entrepreneur because I believe in the power of sharing and in the experience of learning from these individuals, who make us better and motivate us to brighten the lives of those who are fighting the tough battle against cancer. My journey is driven by the desire to bring a ray of hope and smiles to the faces facing challenging times. I firmly believe that together we can make a difference. Every stroke, every gesture of solidarity, every handshake, every hug at the end of a completed treatment is a way to spread love.

4 - You spoke about the importance of faith in your journey. How has spirituality influenced your choices and your ability to overcome obstacles over time?

I honor my story and who I have become. From a very young age, I have always gone through many difficulties, but all of that has transformed me and made me stronger. Thankfully, I was fortunate to have a father and a mother who always had a lot of faith. They taught me to have principles and to never give up on my dreams. In times of uncertainty and despair, He gave me hope. In moments of success, it kept me humble. Spirituality has been the compass that guides me, helping me overcome obstacles and believing that there is a much greater purpose for everything. Seeing God's care in every moment of my life has made me recognize His love for me and understand that no matter the difficulty we may be going through, we are not alone. There is a God who is an expert in changing stories.


5 - In addition to micropigmentation, you mentioned your interest in Marketing and Communication. How have these skills contributed to the development of your business and reaching a broader audience?

Knowledge in Marketing and Communication has allowed me to better understand my audience and their needs. In an increasingly digital and connected world, these skills have given me the ability to create a strong personal brand with essence and meaning. Connecting with clients worldwide and telling my story in a way that reaches and motivates my audience. This has not only helped me expand my business but has also allowed me to touch the lives of many people through my example and entrepreneurship.


6 - Your mission is to transform lives beyond micropigmentation. Can you share an inspiring story of someone who has been deeply impacted by your work and how it made you realize the extent of your purpose?

There was a client, I'll call her Maria, who fought a battle against breast cancer. Maria had lost her eyebrows due to the aggressive treatment she underwent, but she didn't give up on regaining her self-esteem. When I performed the micropigmentation procedure, I not only reconstructed her eyebrows but also saw the sparkle return to her eyes. Maria told me that what I did for her was not only about improving her appearance but also about restoring her confidence and hope. It was at that moment that I realized the true reach of my work and the profound impact it can have on someone's life. It's for people like Maria that I continue to do what I do. At the heart of my journey, beyond beauty and micropigmentation, there's a deeper story. One of transformation, of reigniting the flame of self-esteem, and bringing joy when someone looks at themselves in the mirror. My true mission is not just to leave a mark on the world but to rewrite the stories of those who cross my path, reminding them of the unique sparkle they possess. And in every stroke, every detail, every shared message, I feel that I am fulfilling my purpose.


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