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Lawyer José Estevam issues warning following new trend of throwing objects at artists on stage

Press Release Photo - José Estevam - @Joseestevammacedolima

The new trend of throwing objects at artists on stage has already caused several victims, including Drake, Pink, Harry Styles, Bebe Rexha - who suffered a serious eye injury - and even Cardi B, who threw her microphone at a spectator who tossed a drink onto the stage. Faced with these incidents, lawyer and entertainment law expert José Estevam Macedo de Lima stated that during a show, any act that occurs on stage and interferes with the artistic performance against an artist cannot be considered as a free expression of the audience.

According to the lawyer, accessing the stage cannot be deemed a lawful and permitted act without authorization granted by the artist or the event production.

"The physical integrity, objective honor, which is represented through dignity and decorum, of an artist and the free exercise of their profession must be protected during the artistic presentation and their performance on stage. No one in the audience, whether paying or not, can access the stage without authorization from the artist or their representative, as any aggression or violence, whether physical or verbal, could theoretically constitute the crimes of bodily harm or insult, as defined in Articles 129 and 140 of the Penal Code, respectively," stated Dr. Estevam Macedo, who added:
"In theory, certain acts could also be understood as racial insult, as defined in Article 2-A of Law 7.716/99, gender-based harassment, as provided in Article 147A, II of the Penal Code, among others."

The lawyer explains that in artistic performance contracts, there is typically a document composed of technical and safety elements to ensure that the artist has a better performance during the show.

"As examples, one can mention: the requirement to have a barricade of at least 3 meters from the edge of the stage, the stage dimensions, electrical requirements, among others. With this legal provision in the contract, there is an obligation of compliance by the contractor, and if there is a breach of the requirements listed in the technical rider, the artist can refuse to perform the contracted show or demand that security be immediately reestablished for the artistic presentation to continue and the performance to be carried out in the best way," stated Dr. Estevam Macedo, who added:
"I understand that acts like these that have been happening should not only be rejected by contractors, artists, and authorities, but also be used to raise awareness among everyone and, especially, to respect the artist and their artistic work."

From the artist's point of view, Mug, one of the vocalists of the pagode group "Bom Gosto," stated that the stage is where the peak of energy exchange between the audience and the artist occurs.

Since ancient times, the stage has always been a place of magic, mystery, where emotions and feelings reside and flow. During any artistic performance, the stage needs to be safeguarded, protected, so that nothing can interfere with the execution of the show. For the artist, the stage will always be sacred! "It's their ground, it's their altar, it's their temple," said the musician.


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