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Levi's® and Emma Chamberlain pay tribute to nature and thrift store finds in their new collection

The launch takes place on September 28th and features six pieces inspired by the natural landscapes of Northern California, where the jeans brand is headquartered and the region where the influencer spent her childhood.

Credits: Disclosure.

Since its founding in 1853, Levi's® has called Northern California home while creating some of the world's most iconic jeans and clothing pieces. The location also holds significance for influencer Emma Chamberlain, who spent much of her childhood in the picturesque landscapes of this region of the United States. Now, the Levi's® x Emma Chamberlain collection brings a versatile and nostalgic feel, inspired by the legendary sequoias of the area and the vast Pacific Ocean. Each look is also influenced by Emma's favorite thrift store finds.

The launch features six limited pieces that pay homage to the influencer's carefree childhood before she became an internet icon and also celebrates nature. Earthy tones and a cozy style with a wood-like texture reminiscent of tree rings from sequoias are used throughout.

Highlights of the collection include a vintage-inspired lined boxy jacket with a classic collar and a slightly cropped fit, a relaxed fit mockneck sweater with color-blocking, bell sleeves, and custom buttons for a natural aesthetic, and a sleeveless knitted top with a pine tree design.

To complement the lower body style, the collection includes a faded blue-purple midi skirt with frayed waist and hem, loose-fitting red-orange pants with a slightly tapered leg, and of course, the traditional brown 501® Originals with over-dyeing and tree trunk and branch knot textures.

What was the role of the Levi's® team in bringing your creative ideas to life for this collection, and how do you describe this experience?

Emma Chamberlain:
"The Levi's® team gave me a lot of flexibility and basically brought my ideas to life faithfully. It was such a magical experience".

What were the main inspirations behind Emma Chamberlain's Levi's® collection, and what design principles did she emphasize to ensure the pieces had a timeless quality?

Emma Chamberlain:
"I would say this collection is nostalgic, inspired by outdoor life, and timeless. I was heavily influenced by the fact that the brand and I are from the San Francisco area, and I wanted to explore what makes Northern California so special. All the pieces also remind me of things I would be excited to find in a thrift store. I wanted them to have classic silhouettes that you could wear for the next ten years and never get tired of."

Emma's extensive list of creative and business ventures includes hosting her podcast, Anything Goes, and designing new essentials for her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee. In addition to collaborating with Levi's® design team to develop the collection, Emma served as the creative director of the campaign, which was set against the diverse nature of Northern California. From the lush sequoia forest to the misty cliffs overlooking the Pacific, these stunning locations helped bring the project to life.

"The creative process with Emma was super organic and exciting – she had a very strong and authentic viewpoint for her collection," says Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer at Levi Strauss & Co.
"While honoring the unique natural landscapes of Northern California, a shared home for Levi's® and Emma, the pieces carry warmth and casualness with a very authentic signature. It's been a joy to work alongside Emma and see such a beautiful collection and campaign come to life," she concludes.


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