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Luísa Sonza and Pandora celebrate individuality in an exclusive show in Mexico City

Danna Paola and Tainy, also members of the Beats of Pandora squad, join the Brazilian celebrity in a unique and unforgettable night

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Music invites us to be unique. And it was with this in mind that the jewelry company Pandora, the largest jewelry manufacturer in the world, brought together members of Beats Of Pandora, the first squad of ambassadors formed exclusively by Latin American celebrities, in an exclusive show that celebrated everything that makes us special and unique.

The iconic Luísa Sonza, the Mexican singer Danna Paola and the Puerto Rican producer Tainy, who with their art impact thousands of fans around the world, got together to unveil the jewel of the season, the Unique Bracelet, which reminds us that being unique it's what makes us special.

The Hotel St. Regis, in Mexico City, was the venue chosen for this memorable night, which was attended by several opinion makers and content creators who were able to enjoy the music of the brand ambassadors and discover the latest release by the Danish jeweler.

The party was marked by Bracelete Unique. The jewel, a must have of the season, arrives in a rigid model, with a clasp in the shape of a snowflake studded with sparkling cubic zirconia, reminding us that each one of us is unique and special, like creations of nature, which are characterized by their beauty and for the precision of its millimeter details. The bracelet features Pandora's traditional hand-finishing and will become a faithful squire to proudly remember all that makes us different and unique. More than a gift, it is a declaration of love and affection.

Each guest wore the Unique Bracelet according to their personal style. Those with classic tastes chose to accessorize the bracelet with iconic silver-toned charms; the most daring did not hesitate to use several bracelets, betting on mix and match. Color lovers added charms in different shades of blue and gold. The most creative guests opted for a maximalist look, uniting several bracelets around the neck to form a necklace.

The night of performances by the Beats of Pandora squad was a reminder to all guests that there is nothing better than being ourselves and telling our own story - including through our style and jewelry like Pandora's.

The Unique Bracelet is an exclusive gift from the brand for anyone looking for a unique piece full of meaning. When buying selected pieces at Pandora's physical stores and e-commerce, from December 9th to 24th, the consumer will win the jewel.


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